The Melbourne Stationery Buys

To know me is to know I am a stationery fiend. I was that kid who always had way too many pens in various colours at school and who decorated all their things. I still love stationery so when I went to Melbourne, home of all things creative and a bit of a shopping heaven, well I found some gems. If you're not into stationery and paper-y bits, you're probably going to find this post a bit nerdy. If however paper and pens and cards excite you, you are safe here. Keep reading...

Kikki K diaries have been my go-to for years so 2019 was hardly going to be an exception. This year I've opted for the weekly patterned diary. I used to be a daily diary kinda lady but I prefer the weekly layouts so I can have my entire weeks laid out. So design was a key factor here and I really love the simplicity and easy to navigate interface of this diary too. Also pictured here are some bits from Milligram. I have Tara to thank for introducing me to this heaven.Tucked away in Melbourne Central, and also online for those of us who want to peruse the stationery, it is a dream. Annoyingly I cannot remember where that blue pen is from but I know the notepad is this one. As a bit of a list lover, this is going to come in majorly handy. I am always scribbling notes down.

To know me is to know that I love me a good card. My gosh I had to roll out some major willpower when I was away. There were too many gorgeous cards in Melbourne. Not a bad thing by any means but I had to really stop myself. I should've written down brand names before I went away housesitting but I know the two cards closest to the left were by Australian makers. How noice is that Kath and Kim themed one I picked up here along with that floral rainbow. The Katie Leamon beauty was another Milligram find. Side note; her cards and gift wrap are beautiful

Last but by no means least, it wouldn't be a trip to Melbourne without a mandatory Muji excursion. I mean, come on. It'd be rude not to. I mainly grabbed all the 0.38 pens, in black of course. Some navy ones may have come home too. The mini notebooks I got for my desk at work, I have a grey one-not pictured which lives in my bag+on my desk most days. The larger black one in the background is going to be my next journal, when I eventually finish off my current one. I hope Auckland gets Muji someday. 

-So that's all the stationery bits I nabbed in Melbourne. I also grabbed some pieces for friends and family but they're in their new respective homes. Mainly Muji pens, cards and the rest. I hope you enjoyed this blog post and as always I apologise for the spontaneous blogging. I am determined to reinstate some semblance of a schedule this month-wish me luck! 

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