August in Pictures

August, for lack of a better word you were AWESOME. You were also amazing & awe inspiring. September is just around the corner bringing change, surprises & more. Today is all about August though & here's my month captured by Instagram. For more of my photos throughout the month you can follow me @nanawintour, if you'd like.

1. These gorgeous gates appeared outside Auckland's Imperial Lane to mark the Food Festival Launch.
2. Isn't this lovely? My parents bought me Karen Walker's Filigree ring for my birthday.

3. A new collection of Bedrock Bones jewellery was released this month. The colours in this bracelet remind me of lolly bracelets.
4. Auckland Art Gallery always seem to be rotating their pieces so I was super excited to see this Lichtenstein one on display.

5. Britney's nails & my nails. Don't they just look fabulous?
6. Britney made me Raspberry & Nutella Macarons for my birthday. They were SO yummy & didn't last very long in our pantry.

7. One of my lovely friends took me to morning tea at the Langham Hotel one day. I was again entranced by this gorgeous chandelier. 
8. Fondant roses which I purchased to spruce up this cake that I made for my Mum's birthday.

9. Karen Walker's Sea Monsters range launched this month. I more or less love everything in this collection, especially those new gold filigree sunglasses! This is one of the jumpers which also comes in  the same design as a tshirt. Yes, it's on my lust list.
10. A rainbow of colours, This is the assortment of travel document holders inside Redcurrent's store.

11. Sometimes my cat thinks she is a person. One time she decided she needed to join in & watch the football with us.
12. Gorgeous cherry blossom which I spied on a walk to the train station.

13. I love good brand experiences. The delightful folk at Kiehl's sent me this handwritten note & samples in the post. It really made my day.
14. 'Tis the season for new rings! This came home with me after a shopping trip which I'll be talking about in tomorrow's post.

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