What I Love Weekly #17

1. This site. Makeup Alley is the first place I go to now if I want to read reviews of products I want to try and/or buy. The more comprehensive viewers list their age bracket, skin type etc which makes it more useful too. It's a great tool. Another favourite I visit for reviews & fantastic swatches is Temptalia although these are usually geared towards more specific skin types & looks so they might not be as applicable, but it is another really useful site.

2. Who saw the Spice Girls' stellar performance at the Closing Ceremony? I don't know about you but I was Spice Girls mad once upon a time. Admittedly I still listen to their music now (who doesn't?) so it was like one big glittery Brit nostalgia extravaganza seeing them perform. If you haven't seen it then go here & scroll down.

3. Sleep is one of the best, free rewards you can give yourself. I even blogged about it this week. Over the weekend I was so drained & needed a long, decent sleep. I slept for 12 hours & it was amazing. Bring on the holidays so I can do that again soon!

I love this photo of Karlie Kloss! This is from US Vogue's July 2012 issue. -Sourced from Fashion Gone Rogue.

4. My birthday cupcakes from Delish Cupcakes. We had the flavours based on Buzz Bar (stuffed with marshmallow & caramel) as well as the Banana Chocolate ones. Both were amazing & it was so hard choosing two flavours to try. If you're in Auckland take a trip to their store or order some of your own if they deliver to where you live. You will not regret it.

5. Nailspiration. This week I made an unanticipated detour to Newmarket & stumbled upon an amazing place to seek out nail designs. That is all I'll say for now as I want to keep one of my future nail designs secret, for now at least.

6. Something I learnt this week: Short Macchiato's equal intense coffee in miniature cups. Drink with caution.

7. This rather awesome song. If you click this link & close it automatically then shame on you. Give it a listen because it is not that bad. Perhaps you'll fall in love with it as I did.

8. On another music-related note (intentional pun), Taylor Swift's new album is coming out in October! Her first single 'We Are Never Getting Back Together' debuted this week & it is getting mixed feedback from some of my friends who are fans. Personally I like it, it's different to her usual sound but still sounds like a Taylor Swift song. I'm excited to hear the rest of the album now.

9. Having a camera at all times. One of my friends is always taking photos which I used to find really odd but now I have to thank her for it! Nowadays I always take photos when I'm out & about of everything & anything really. There are no limits, well perhaps some. Try it next week. It makes walking down the same old streets ten times more exciting.

10. Even though it is still raining every single day, has anyone else noticed Summer is just around the corner? Spring is just over two weeks away for the Southern Hemisphere which means warmer, brighter days. Perhaps sunshine will make a proper reappearance then too!

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