Say hello to Nation State!

Many of you will have heard of Mag Nation, the destination in Australia & New Zealand to head to if you want to get the best magazines the world has to offer. Well now they have a sister store, an online stationery heaven called Nation State.

Nation State are based in Melbourne's CBD. They're dedicated to "selling the best stationery & other cool stuff" they love. So, what exactly are some of the cool items that Nation State sell? Here's some of my favourites which I've picked out;

1. Pink XL Moleskines (Ruled), $25.90. -New Zealand's only just started getting more of the Moleskine range in the last couple of years but I am yet to see the Pink notebooks in our stores. I love these colours & they'd be perfect to brighten up an otherwise boring home or work desk.

2. Pantone iPhone 4 Case, $44.95. * -I seem to have an obsession with the colour pink at the moment! I'm blaming Leah for this seeing as two of my manicures have been pink. Anyway, like the notebooks this would be perfect to brighten your phone. Look how bright that colour is! You'd never lose your iPhone in your bag again.

3. Spaces by Frankie Magazine, $31.95. -I've mentioned this book briefly in some blog posts before & I'm actually reviewing it in a few weeks but I love this book. If you love the sections in Frankie where they explore other people's spaces then you'll love this book, because it is basically a bigger version of that. There are loads of stunning photos & stories in here. Look out for the house boat, it's my favourite.

4. Things by Bean Card, $4.95. * -In case you can't read it this card says 'Happy Birthday, Your Excellency'. Isn't it cute? If I hadn't just gone & accidentally purchased 2 cards for one of my friend's birthdays I would've selected this card for her. Check out the rest of the range on the site.

5. Cavallini Bird Stickers, $22.95. * -I've been eyeing up these stickers for a long time now as I've got some of the travel-themed postcards by Cavallini which are gorgeous. These would be beautiful to decorate letters, diaries or even your walls if you fancy. 

I was lucky enough to be sent some products by Nation State to try out;

Pictured are the MT masking tape & a Sticky Notes Memo Pad.

-I seem to be accumulating quite a few rolls of tape nowadays but I'm managing to get through them all pretty quickly so I was happy to be sent some more. This tape is fantastic. I use it to decorate letters, books, as frames & on presents. It's not as flimsy as regular cellotape too so it's perfect if you have to send anything in the mail. The memo notes are also perfect for me as I make to-do lists every day. My normal list is A4 sized so it's a bit inconvenient to carry around but now I can just rip one of these off & stick it in the diary I take on the go with me.

Image Credits:

-All product photography is via the Nation State website.

-All pricing is in Australian Dollars.

*Please note that these products are currently out of stock on the site. I thought I'd include them anyway because I love them & I'm assuming that they'll be getting more of these things in soon.

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