What I Love Weekly #16

1. Rewatching Mean Girls. This was the movie of high school, I don't know how many of the lines & references I know off by heart but I can tell you that it is a lot. Watching this over the weekend made me realise 1) High school may have been dire in parts but it was nowhere near as dramatic or vicious as this movie makes it out to be. & 2) How unlike Mean Girls my high school experience was. Even if at times I likened somebody to a Regina George figure of sorts.

2. My actual birthday day itself. It really was amazing. I had a fabulous day & night with my family & friends, I was crazy spoilt-thank you for the lovely gifts everyone! & I received some of the nicest cards ever. Seriously, people said the nicest things. So thank you again to everyone who was a part of my birthday. You made my day so special xx.

3. Sass & Bide's latest collection has dropped! The latest range is entitled 'Sing, Brother!' & it features lots of stunning prints, gorgeously tailored garments, beautiful jewellery & of course lots of sparkle! Pictured below is one of my favourite pieces from the collection, although there are many which I love. To see more of my favourites click here.

I am in blissful love with this dress!

4. "Just cherish anything that makes you smile, no matter how significant or insignificant it may be. In this life nothing stays the same for long & it is vital to live it & love each day as it comes". This was my personal interpretation of what true happiness entails 19 months ago. This week I rediscovered it.

5. This post over on Gala Darling's blog. It's unfortunate she even had to write this but good on her for taking on those haters! I love the end remark; "No matter how angry you may be with me, I still love you!" If you don't like it then don't read it.

6. Guest posting! For those who don't know I've been writing fortnightly guest posts over on Hazel Loves Design blog about beauty & fashion. It's nice being able to share my writing with a wider audience & cover different material to what I feature here. My first post on Fashion I'm loving from 2012 thus far is here & the post on my day to day makeup I use is here.

7. Dermalogica have an online store & site for their New Zealand customers! Two of my favourite products are on this site & are cheaper than I remember them being. They're both currently on the skincare wish list as I've recently run out of them. If you like Dermalogica they also offer free shipping. It couldn't get much better than this.

8. Fabulousness at the Langham Hotel. This week one of my lovely, but extremely naughty friends surprised me with morning tea at the hotel's tearoom. It was amazing & it's worth visiting here just to see the decor alone. Every time I see those gorgeous, glittering gold chandeliers I fall more & more in love.

9. Kikki K have released their 2013 Diaries already. They landed in stores this week so I went & had a look at them. There's plenty of gorgeous designs, sizes & colours for everybody. My favourites include the 2013 Cute Diary & the 2013 Inspire Diary. If you're a member, now's the perfect time to purchase a diary & snag that $20 credit as a reward! Do it.

10. recipe for Nutella Mug Cakes. You're welcome.

11. The star of the September Issue for 2012 has been revealed! While it wasn't exactly a secret, it has now been visually confirmed that Lady Gaga is the cover girl for the most anticipated issue of the year. The upcoming issue is also the biggest ever spanning 916 pages. I can't wait to purchase my fashion textbook when it is released here.

Here is the cover in question.

12. My Kiehl's experience. A week or so ago I visited the Kiehl's counter to purchase one of their facial creams for my dry winter skin. At the time the quality of the service really impressed me. The person who served me was very friendly & even gave me 3 samples to try at home. This week, after signing up to Kiehl's in-store mailing list I was thrilled to receive a handwritten note & 3 more samples for me to trial in the post. This may well be the start of a long & beautiful skincare friendship. 

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