What I Love Weekly #18

1. This week I found out for one of my assignments I get to analyse Advertorials & make my own. That probably sounds unexciting to most people but this means that I've been looking through piles of magazines from my own collection & the library this week. As I love magazines this is literally my dream assignment. Ok, geek moment over.

2. The other day I was having a major 'Fear of missing out' moment about NZFW. Well, I found out on Wednesday night that I will be blogging at NZFW for the NZ Fashion Files blog as well as taking photos for Instagram among other things. To say I am excited is a huge understatement. I will be going to ALL the shows I can & just generally loving the whole week. I can't wait. Keep an eye out for reviews & content on my blog too!

3. Rouge Coco Lipstick by Chanel, #31 to be precise. I have never had so many compliments on a lipstick ever! The colour is gorgeous, it doesn't feel drying on the lips & it is fast becoming my favourite lip colour. M, you have good taste in lip colours x.

4. All the pretty flowers. Maybe it's because of my obsession with floral prints but I just seem to love flowers at the moment. I daydream about having rooms filled with them in my future house. I've even nearly made myself late this week (shhh) because I was stopping to take photos of flowers. I just can't get enough of them.

There's a grocers/dairy (I'm never really sure) in Ponsonby that always has the most gorgeous assortment of flowers out the front of their store. I love stopping to look at them.

5. Tavi Gevinson features in the August/September Issue of Bust Magazine which was one of the magazines I stumbled upon in my library visits this week. The interview is fantastic & if you have a few spare minutes I suggest you read it here.

6. That moment when you realise you are one step closer to achieving one of your goals. 

7. The gorgeous clothes in Max at the moment. There's a dress which I walk past daily & have fallen in love with. Perhaps it'll make its way into my Fashion Week wardrobe...

8. Shopping trips! Last weekend I did what I call 'proper' shopping. I love shopping by myself sometimes with no time restrictions etc & I picked up some awesome stuff. Unfortunately I haven't posted about it yet because my DSLR is having a few issues at the moment. Keep an eye out for it next week though!

9. Do you think Kath & Kim are as noice, different & unewesual as I do? If you answered yes then you should read this interview. I laughed out loud reading it. Gina (Kim) & Jane (Kath) are so clever, their new movie is going to be so good.

10. The nzgirl blogger's club meeting last night. We went to Sale St & ate seriously good food+did a lot of chatting. It was so great to meet some people for the first time like the lovely Hannah Rogers & catch up with Dani, Evelyn & co. I can't wait for the next one.

11. The Wizard of Oz collection in Peter Alexander. Have you seen it? It is so gorgeous, then again I do love the film & Judy Garland. Unfortunately the range isn't on their website but if you're passing by one of their stores it is worth checking out.

12. My Naked 2 Palette arrived! I've only used 4 of the 12 shades but already I can tell you they are some of the most pigmented, long lasting eyeshadows I have ever owned. The colours are perfect for every day wear & can easily be made more dramatic with some loose glitter. My first impression is that the palettes are worth the hype.

13. Next week I am getting my nails done by Leah Light! I love getting my nails done by her but this time I have absolutely no idea what I want! Well I do, but because it's Fashion Week my idea seems a little too boring now. #firstworldnailproblems.

14. The Electra Spike Station Necklace from Forever New was one of my purchases over the weekend. Quite a few people have asked where it's from so I thought I'd share. It's dramatic & gorgeous all at once, everything jewellery should be.

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  1. congratulations again on your NZFW achievement! Furthermore i love that flower shop/ grocer on Ponsonby road, not only are they the cheapest roses in town but for a mere $2 more they will wrap with pretty paper and a bow. I love it.