The Week #53

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *Tasty Macarons from Milse for C's birthday *What I'm currently reading *An awesome cheat if you want a non-lipstick day; Max Factor Colour Elixir Giant Pen Sticks *Getting nailed with butter London polish Fiver *I baked delicious Chocolate Muffins, recipe here *Forgive me, for I have hauled *Winter beauty loves: Pastel nails and a Bold lip colour *Forever inspired by Audrey Hepburn *Nude lips, stars and a statement necklace, what I wore on Tuesday *Reading Cupcakes and Cashmere in book form. I love this book so much, a purchase may be happening.

Must-Watch of the Week: Anna's DIY Manicure tutorial breaks down how to create the perfect manicure and take care of your nails at the same time. There's quite a few steps involved but it really is pretty simple. Your healthy nails will thank you for it.

Product of the Week: In truth, I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup this week, being a bit under the weather and all. One thing I have been reaching for though is my Mac lipstick in Patisserie. The shade is pretty much identical to my natural lip colour but slightly browner and glossier. It's not an overly drying lipstick either being a Lustre finish so you can easily reapply this during the day without ruining your lips.

Must-Read of the Week: There's just something about Audrey Hepburn. In an age where celebrity was nowhere near the phenomenon it is now, she was always graceful, always stylish and the true picture of a lady. Later this year a book is being published of images taken while she lived in Rome and  her son Luca recalls for Vanity Fair his mother's love affair with the Italian city. While Audrey was often photographed in and around Rome for magazines there were photographers she had respect for, and this book acknowledges that relationship. Check out the slideshow of photos too. There are some stunning ones.

Added to the Wishlist: Everything! I jest, I jest. Whilst Hannah and I did our hauling trip last Saturday there was a lot of swatching going on. Nars Satin Lip and Velvet Matte lip pencil collections caught my attention. Satin finishes, creamy formulas and an array of gorgeous colours. It's love.


  1. beautiful pictures. the butter london polish looks soooo good.

    1. The Butter London polish is fantastic. So lovely to apply & it lasts well without chipping. x