The HQhair Shop

As you can tell from the title I went on a little HQHair spree with a friend of mine recently. HQHair is similar to Beauty Bay and Feel Unique, it just specialises in more haircare brands than the other two. Another drawcard of course is that they sell Nars and it is considerably cheaper than it is in the shops here. We were really happy with the affordability of our HQHair purchases. One thing to note though is that orders take around 2-3 weeks to ship, to the Southern Hemisphere at least so if you need to reorder anything then it's better to do it well in advance. Everything arrived safe and sound though so I'm sure I'll use HQHair again in the future.

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment This is probably one of the more expensive face masks on the market but I'd seen it popping up time and time again in blogs and on bestseller lists so I wanted to give it a go. HQHair is the cheapest place where I have found this face mask so far. This mask is designed to tighten skin texture and pores. It also works to fight against blemishes and breakouts. In all honesty the smell of this mask really isn't appealing. If you're a fan of black licorice though you may like it (!). Once you get past its scent though this mask is amazing. I've been using it as both a spot treatment and face mask and it has made such a difference to my skin. Blemishes are reduced and aren't as prominent. The overall condition of my skin seems to be better as well. This mask is well worth its hype. 

Nars Lipgloss in Turkish Delight HQHair have a better range of Nars products online than I expected, so choosing something from their range was more difficult than I thought it would be. I don't own many sheer glosses so this one is perfect. You can wear it on its own but I find it a bit too 'young' so I pair it with a lipstick like Mac's Creme Cup to make it more vibrant and glossy. This gloss is unscented and it doesn't feel tacky at all.

Real Techniques Powder Brush These brushes continue to impress me so I had to pick up another one. The powder brush is perfect for setting makeup and under eye concealer. It may look massive but this brush picks up the perfect amount of product and you aren't left with the chalky effect that some powder brushes can leave.

*I hope everyone's having an amazing week so far. You might've seen my update on Facebook today. In case you didn't, October is quite a busy month for me in terms of study commitments. I'll still be blogging, it just might not be as consistent. Oh and if you're waiting on an email from me then just be aware I'll probably take longer to respond than usual! x


  1. I have Turkish Delight, the colour is so so pretty but I think it smells rank!!

  2. Oh really? Mine seems to be pretty scentless. That's odd!