The Week #75

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *Finally found some midi rings this week. These are from Diva. *Coffee+Cupcakes and Cashmere-oh my! *The best mask ever. *Mexico date with Hannah. Those non-alcoholic Margaritas were so good! *Jelly sandals are back in my life. They're surprisingly comfortable too. *Miss Vogue in review.

Must-Watch of the Week: Halloween isn't as celebrated here as it is in the States but that hasn't stopped our local beauty gurus from filming their own Halloween makeup tutorials. This tutorial by Sally is awesome. The cobwebs and dark contours add a touch of spookiness but the rest of this makeup is quite pretty, which I like. 

Product of the Week: Mac Eyeshadow in Satin Taupe. This is an eyeshadow that I tend to forget about sometimes and I'm not really too sure why as it is so versatile. I've been wearing this with Bronze and also using it to line my eyes. This is definitely a colour I'll be using a lot more next Winter.

Must-Read of the Week: Into The Gloss ran a two-part interview this week with Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere. She offers an insider's look into what's top of her beauty shelf and also insights into blogging and her achievements. She also revealed that she's working on another book, yay! You can read the interview here and here.

Added to the Wishlist: I'm off to Melbourne for a holiday next month, more on that later. I've already started thinking about what I want to do and more importantly where I want to go shopping. Anyway, I discovered Priceline online and knew I had to visit there. My Australian readers are probably laughing because Priceline is essentially a pharmacy albeit an awesome one. Anyway, top of my wishlist is some Essie polish which currently can't be purchased here. Watermelon and Mint Candy Apple are both shades I hope to purchase.

*Have an amazing weekend everyone! I'm doing the usual study bits and pieces but also am going to the One Direction concert on Saturday. Yes, I'm a fangirl but c'mon, Harry Styles. 'Nuff said..


  1. Have you tried Unichem in St Lukes for Essie? Don't know if they have all shades though. Plus Smith and Caugheys stocks it too.

    1. No I haven't actually-thanks will check there. Smith & Caugheys don't actually carry Essie any more unfortunately.


  2. Just gonna go read that Into the Gloss interview before finishing off an assignment.
    Lol Im going to 1D on Sunday night! and even though we have bad seats im still excited, because "Harry Styles. 'Nuff said" (I like the others too but I have no problem with favoritism) haha. Enjoy the concert!!!

    - Tara :)