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As soon as the Miss Vogue promos started to appear in my Twitter and Instagram feeds I was on Google and texting Maria pretty quickly. Tracking it down was a little bit more of a mission but after picking up my copy in town I set about reading the magazine to find out just what exactly Miss Vogue is. For those not in the know, Miss Vogue is a magazine aimed at teens and 20-somethings who are up to speed on all things, fashion, beauty and pop culture. This magazine is for the trendsetters, the worshippers and the fans who just can't get enough of the Vogue Magazine empire.

I was really impressed by the inaugural issue of Miss Vogue Australia. It was exactly what I expected it to be and more-you can bet I will be getting the next issue once it hits newsstands! To prevent sounding like too much of a fangirl I've compiled a list of what I liked and disliked from the first issue. Read on..


*An article about the Evolution of the Selfie and its continually evolving effects on society today. If you cast your mind back five years ago we didn't have reverse cameras. Selfies came care of Webcams or the camera facing towards a mirror so you could see what you were doing. With the introduction of iPhones, Instagram and more recently SnapChat, it's not surprising the way the selfie has changed and this article made for interesting reading.
*Elle Fanning, the cover star. The accompanying editorial with Elle is stunning and if you haven't seen the pictures then you should get on Google.
*The mix of stories. An interview with Lorde, skater style and a look at Alexa Chung's new book all stood out but there were so many good ones. 
*The beauty stories, in particular on Aesop-an Australian skincare brand who I didn't know much about. The men's take on perfume is also worth a read.


*The one thing I disliked is that some content was only accessible through the Miss Vogue iPad app. That is all well and good if you own an iPad but I currently don't so that was a little disappointing. Maybe they'll introduce an iPhone app eventually.

*Have you read Miss Vogue? What are your thoughts?

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