The Week #74

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *Polaroid nostalgia, September Beauty FavouritesLorde's Pure Heroine cd-The only music I've really been listening to this week., Alexa waxing lyrical about nail polish in the fridge-I can relate, Wednesday's glamour-face essentials, The online shopping adventure.

Must-Watch of the Week: I've probably mentioned Zoella's channel before on the blog but this week in particular I have been loving her videos. They're great ones to watch if you're having a rubbish 'meh' day. It helps that they're all fashion and beauty related in some way too.

Product of the Week: Tarte 'Lights Camera Flashes' Mascara, available here if you're in the States. Tarte describe this mascara as an amped up, ultra-black mascara that lengthens, curls and magnifies lashes for an intense look, while instantly increasing lash volume by up to 752 per cent. This is the first Tarte product I've tried and I love it. It really makes your lashes look amazing.

Must-Read of the Week: Lorde, that amazing girl who's basically ruling the music world right now wrote this article herself for one of our Sunday Papers. Read it if you're a fan and want to know who she really is. Sorry if that sounds pessimistic but the whole 'She's only 16' thing is getting old, world media outlets. 

Added to the Wishlist: 90's kids will remember jelly shoes. The bright, translucent, glittery shoes we all wore to death as kids. I loved mine and old photos show I had several pairs in varying colours. It may be nostalgia, it may be that they're just awesome shoes. Either way I want some new jellies for Summer and y'know what? I think I might just get 'em..

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