The Return Of Essie

Essie the American gem of a nail polish brand used to only line the shelves of Auckland's major department stores. A few months ago it disappeared but thankfully it has returned better than ever before. Whilst walking back from classes last week I spotted the display in a chemist and I had to go have a rather excited browse (of course!)..

The latest additions to the polish collection-Mint Candy Apple and Watermelon.

One major change you'll notice is the shade selection. It has dramatically improved and you'll find all of Essie's popular colours from Mademoiselle to Watermelon are here. Another major change is the brush size. If you're familiar with the new Rimmel Salon Pro polishes you'll know they feature a wider brush. Well, so do Essie's. I think it may be slightly wider than the Rimmel offering. What this means is that it's a lot easier to paint your nail in one stroke. The polish also dries super fast-if you're impatient like me then this is a good thing. 

Now how do the colours add up? Well, some of you may have noticed I seem to have accumulated a few polishes of the mint green variety. None of them are identical though. Mint Candy Apple is probably the closest shade I own that resembles the signature Tiffany & Co blue. Unlike other pastels this doesn't apply streakily but you will need at least two coats if you want an opaque finish. Watermelon on the other hand is a berry red. The colour reminds me of Strawberry jam actually. This shade has more of a glossy finish to it which gives you the whole salon-manicure effect. 

It is safe to say that Essie's return was definitely worth waiting for. If you're in New Zealand you can pick Essie colours up now from select pharmacies and Farmers stores. 

*I hope your week has been grand! As you read this I will be counting down the hours until my final exam for the year is over, and will no doubt be celebrating. The reality however is that I will probably be tired and will come straight back to bed. Oh-and if you celebrate Halloween I hope you have a good day/night tomorrow! xo


  1. Mint Candy Apple is such a cult favorite over here in the US! I hope you enjoy it (it's perfect for spring). Also hoping that exam of yours went well! x

    1. I can understand why-it's such a gorgeous colour. I'll definitel get a lot out of wear of it. Thanks Lauren! It's so nice to be done with exams for now. x