Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Hourglass has been one of my favourite brand discoveries from the last year. Their Brow Sculpting pencil and Veil Mineral primer are staples in my makeup bag these days. The latest release from the well-loved brand is their Ambient Lighting Palette and after seeing this getting the love online I knew it'd fast become a pre-Christmas present for myself.

The palette contains three Ambient Lighting powders and also comes with a 5ml tube of their primer. If you're unfamiliar with these powders they are designed to blur imperfections, colour correct and highlight. They are velvety-soft and add a soft-focus effect to the face. The packaging of the palette is very sleek and won't take up much room in your makeup bag at all. This palette is going to be perfect to take when I'm traveling later in the month. 

The three powders included are Dim Light, Incandescent Light and Radiant Light. Dim Light is my favourite of the bunch. Used as an all over setting powder this will keep your makeup in place all day without looking noticeably chalky or cakey. It leaves your skin looking pixel perfect. Incandescent Light is the limited edition inclusion and is the most glowy, making it perfect to use as a highlighter. I like to sweep this along my cheekbones with a duofibre brush and also as an inner-corner highlight. Radiant Light was the powder I thought I'd get the least use out of but so far I've been wearing it just as much as the other two powders. If you're paler like me then this bronze shade will be perfect for you. It adds the ideal amount of warmth to the skin and is much more subtle than a bronzer like Laguna from Nars. 

It is safe to say I'm really pleased I picked up this palette. If you've been thinking about trying the Ambient Lighting Powders for a while then this is worth the investment. Mecca have this in stock on their website at the moment but I'd act fast if you want one of these. Sephora sold out and I know Mecca in Newmarket have as well. It is well worth the search if you do manage to track one down. 


  1. ooo sounds like an awesome product!
    you should totally make some youtube tutorials for the makeup challanged like me haha!! ;)


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    1. Ha-ruling out video tutorials for the time being but video reviews+hauls may be a possibility x