The Week #81

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *Reading an essay on Maxi Skirts and feeling nostalgic. *A palette standoff in a Wicked face of the day. *The best packages come in Bobbi Brown bags. *Britney came to visit! *I'm in the December issue of Teen Vogue! No cover stories or features (yet...) but it was pretty surreal seeing this nonetheless. *Another afternoon spent in the Emerald City-get yourself to Wicked this weekend if you are yet to see it. *Getting excited for Christmas with these seasonal beauty collections. *A preview of Monday's post. *Christmas at Bobbi Brown's. *The gorgeous stage setup at Wicked-it's totally not obvious I enjoyed it is it?

Must-Watch of the Week: If you haven't yet done so you need to check out Lily's Christmas Gift Guide video. It is a beauty lover's dream, so don't be surprised if you come away with a wishlist for yourself as well of course for your beauty loving friends and family. There are some beautiful products to be found here like the Jo Malone sets or the Nars Guy Bourdin palette.

Product of the Week: Daisy Marc Jacobs, the original. It seems like everyone owns or has owned this fragrance at some point but I love it. Marc Jacobs fragrances for women are very fruity and floral so they're best worn in Summer. It's not too overpowering as well which makes it great for this time of year.

Must-Read of the Week: I've just finished up reading this book about Anna Wintour and really enjoyed reading about her career and her rise to editor of Vogue. Be wary that this is an unauthorised biography though so at times I got a bit skeptical about particular details and incidents mentioned. All in all though it is very interesting and is something to keep fans happy until an authorised version emerges.

Added to the Wishlist: Ever since Essie made its way back to New Zealand I've been obsessed with the array of colours they have available. This is only helped along by the fact that a lot of my favourite bloggers and vloggers have been featuring their shades recently. Anyway, I spotted the shade Penny Talk online and think it is gorgeous. It's the perfect, rose-gold shade, something that a surprisingly small number of polish brands seem to do. I'm hoping to find it in a store somewhere soon!

*I hope you've all had an amazing week! I'm off to Melbourne tomorrow for a holiday which I've been counting down to all week now. There'll be a post going up on Monday and Wednesday so do check back for those! I'm sure a stray Instagram or two will make its way online as well so keep an eye out for them.  


  1. Congrats on featuring in Teen vogue!

    I so wish Wicked was still playing in Melbourne, it sounds so amazing!

    x Pearl

    1. Thank you! Wicked is returning to Melbourne next year-in June or July I believe. It is fantastic. x