The Reading Pile

The end of the year seems to mark the time when all the brilliant books arrive in the shops. November is no exception and this bevy of tomes will have all your Summer reading and baking needs sorted...

Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders, available here. When I heard Jennifer was writing a book I was excited. If you're familiar with her work on both French & Saunders and Absolutely Fabulous then you'll know she is an incredibly gifted writer and a gem when it comes to comedy. Each chapter focuses on a specific time period or memory and is retold through Saunder's witty prose. If you're a fan of her work then you will enjoy this a lot.

Bluebells Cakery by Karla Goodwin, available here. There were some other recipe books that took out the most aesthetically pleasing award-but they have now been knocked off their pedestals. Bluebells Cakery is home to the best cakes and sweet treats in Auckland hands down. Karla's cookbook contains all her most popular recipes along with step-by-step guides to icing techniques and even a guide to throwing the perfect high tea. This would make such a lovely gift for someone who loves baking. This book is simply beautiful and the recipes are all easy to follow. Definitely check out the Vanilla cupcakes. They are divine

These cupcakes are also amazing too!

Man Repeller by Leandra Medine, available here. So I've clearly been living under a sartorially-deprived rock seeing as I've only recently given Leandra's blog the attention it deserves. Her book is a series of essays on clothes and the moments they correspond with in her life. I have only read one of the essays so far but her writing reflects the humour she showcases in her blog posts. If you are already a fan of her blog or just want an entertaining fashion book to read that isn't a style guide then you need to get this one.

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