The Week #80

The Week in Instagrams @nanawintour: *Leandra wisdom in book form. Looking forward to finally reading this. *Flowers in Palmerston North on a day trip last weekend. *Sweet treats at Bluebells Cakery on Wednesday. *The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette which I speedily snagged and subsequently have made a beauty staple. *Sometimes all you need is a cup of tea and Gilmore Girls. *Some of Mecca Cosmetica's pretty Christmas products in store. Definitely go have a sniff of the Diptyque and Tocca candles!

Must-Watch of the Week: If you're after something beauty related to unwind with this weekend then you cannot pass up Anna and Lily's fourth Beauty Chatter video. Each month they film a video answering all our pressing beauty questions and often throw in some of their beauty must-haves as well. This month's one had me jotting down a lot more products than usual. Now if you're after something cute then this video of Zoe and Darcy shopping at Boots will be guaranteed to make you smile. 

Product of the Week: Even though we're coming into Summer here in New Zealand my skin still has a few pesky dry patches. This week I've been trying to counteract that problem and Mor's Lychee Flower Body Butter seems to be doing the trick. The body butter itself is so moisturising and I've definitely noticed an improvement since the start of this week. 

Must-Read of the Week: If you're looking to improve your photography skills then Kate's useful guide of Photography Tips & Tricks will come in handy. I've added the Canon 50mm lens to my 'to buy' list as it is perfect for blog photography. Another standout post this week was Anna's guide to streamlining your travel makeup bag. This is going to be analysed along with her travel checklists when I'm packing for Melbourne. I'm trying to be quite minimal in my makeup packing to make room for shopping-more on that later.

Added to the Wishlist: In a moment of procrastination this week I found myself trying to look at something else on ASOS that wasn't the beauty section. Well I decided to look through their Gift Selection and there's some pretty fantastic things. What caught my fancy though was the Lulu Guiness Multi-Glitter Lip Makeup Bag. How adorable is it? I love the rainbow glitter design. If I ever do end up winning Lotto this will definitely be one of my purchases.

Have an amazing weekend everyone! I'm just going to be unwinding after a busy week and going to Wicked on Sunday xo.

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