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I've always been a bit of a skincare skeptic, having dealt with some rather awful acne during high school and then being recommended products by beauticians that just wreaked havoc. It wasn't until I really started to do my own research (with a little help from Ms Hirons) and figured out what works best for my skin that I really began to see the benefits. Lately my skin's been throwing a bit of a tantrum, as it does every Winter so I've been incorporating new products into the mix and also replacing some old ones...

Skinfood Mud Masque*-Skinfood is a local brand that I remember using way, way back when I was a fresh-faced teen. Since then it's had a bit of a makeover and a rather extensive range of products now exist in its lineup. Now I'll be honest, I was a little skeptical about this mud mask but I ended up being quite surprised by it. The mask itself didn't leave my skin with that overly tight feeling and it really calmed down any red patches. It also seemed to soothe angry blemishes as well. I love using this when my skin's looking below average.

Origins Zero Oil Purifying Toner-My Ren toner ran out earlier in the week so it was off to DFS I went in search of toners, and an excuse to check out the perfume shelves. Now the majority of Origins toners are $60 here which I wasn't keen to fork out so I picked this one up instead at almost half the price. Zero oil is especially formulated for oily and blemish prone skin. It does leave your skin feeling matte afterwards, so dry skin types should steer clear. I've only used this a handful of times though and am already noticing a difference. Perhaps it'll become an August Favourite? Hmm..

Antipodes Anti-Ageing Minis, Night Replenish Serum pictured*-Antipodes have added another exclusive mini set to their collection. The moisturiser is a bit too thick for my liking, so that was passed along to a family member. The serum on the other hand is awesome. It contains goji berry, red raspberry seed and blackcurrent oils which all help to restore and revitalise skin. If your complexion's looking a bit dull or feeling a touch dehydrated then this is for you. In fact, this set would be perfect for travel with its mini size.

-Have you tried any of these products before? What were your thoughts?

*Have a fabulous week everybody! Sorry for the quietness on the social media front. We had a family matter to attend to last week so I was in and out of Auckland a bit and in between that I was at University as well. Today I have classes, an assignment meeting & that's probably about it really. I have a presentation and essay due next week so I'm kinda in nerd mode and half in 'can I have all of the sleeps' mode. I'll be back Wednesday with a guest post x.

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  1. ive been looking for a face mask to try, this one sounds awesome! where abouts do you buy skinfood (that may be a silly question, i obviously dont get out much haha!)? :)


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