The Week #117

The Chronicles of Anna's Wardrobe-Can you tell I'm in a literary mood? Note the alliteration further down this post...Anyway, over on VDM  it is Wardrobe Week. What does that entail? Well, a closet reshuffle to start things off. You know the drill, if you love organisation or like me, need a bit of a nudge in the wardrobe de-cluttering department then you should head on over to these videos.

A Rediscovered Blush-Confession time: I was actually getting ready to sell this blush but I am so glad I didn't! Seen here is Rockateur from Benefit. Dubbed a "provocative rose gold cheek powder" this blush perks up and awakens your complexion. I'm not so sure it's provocative, and while I can't say I like the packaging, this blush is a beaut for fairer complexions, especially in the Winter months.

SPF Spree-Over the past year or so I've become increasingly conscious of taking care of my skin and one area where I am rather slack is facial SPF's. I know they're good, but having combo-oily skin the ones I've used in the past have broken me out something chronic. Yesterday I received the Clinique one you see above to try and Benefit's Dream Screen is on my radar too, although it's a lot harder to come by in New Zealand. Watch this space..

Essays In Vogue-I'm sure I have been not so secretly looking for the opportunity to reference Anna Wintour and Vogue in an academic context for years. Well, now I finally get the opportunity to do just that. I'll spare you the details but I basically get to analyse the September Issue and the role of Anna as a leader and the way in which her creative team is portrayed at Vogue. Of course I'm doing background reading too because #nerd.

Christmas Brushes-You know the year's going way too fast when beauty brands are already getting ready to promote their Christmas launches. October time sees a new limited edition set from Real Techniques being launched. Aptly named Nic's Picks to recognise Nic Chapman's involvement with the brush line the limited edition, metallic five-piece set will make the perfect gift. It features three new brushes for the brand and two staples from the existing lineup. While I certainly don't need any more brushes anytime soon, I'll definitely be keeping this in mind for some of my makeup lovin' pals.

Sophie Star Pants-So it was my birthday on Sunday. Side note: Thanks everyone for all the lovely birthday wishes! Anyway, I wasn't really sure what I wanted this year but last week I spied Harry Potter pyjamas in Peter Alexander and my heart skipped a beat. These star print pants were from that collection and aside from giving off magical vibes, they also remind me of Chanel. LOVE. I'm reading Across The Universe at the moment too which is well outside my reading comfort zone, but I am enjoying it so far.

-Have an amazing end of the week and weekend guys! I decided to put this post up slightly earlier than usual, partly because I want to upload another video for you all at some point in the next few days, and partly because I am heading out of town for a family matter soon so I'm trying to get organised with blog posts before I leave. This week's been uneventful but busy nonetheless. Assignment deadlines are beginning to approach and I finished up my internship this week as the magazine I was at goes to print tomorrow, I think. That's probably the wrong lingo but yeah. Talk soon! x


  1. I'm pretty obsessed with sunscreen, and I love Clinique Super City block but it's so expensive in NZ. An important thing to remember is that the SPF is calculated by using around 1/4tsp on your face - any less, and the protection is reduced.

  2. That sucks! I really think things like sunblocks should not be so expensive here as sun protection is so important. Thanks for sharing this tip Lena! x

  3. Yeah - you would think it'd be really cheap to so people could afford to use it, especially with the harsh sun here!

  4. Happy belated birthday! I loved The September Issue, Anna's bad ass leadership and how she's taken the world by storm has inspired me so much.

  5. Thanks Sky! Same here-it's amazing how one person can have so much of a hold over the entire fashion industry x

  6. I'm loving Wardrobe Week on VDM! So inspiring - but I can't say I have the money to sort out my wardrobe. I imagine a lot of things would be in the 'give-away' pile :p

    Caitlin | Thistle & Tea

  7. Same! You could always try using something like Trade Me or Recycle Boutique perhaps. x