The Week #118

Every Day I'm Flat Layin'-Definitely not as well as the lovely Tamira but as Siri would say, "I try my best". Anyway, if you want to learn how to create Instagram-worthy, flat layed works of art then you need to check out this post. There's something just so aesthetically pleasing about images like this.

Mail From Abroad-My poor courier driver must've been stunned into submission to see me looking so lively when I opened the front door on Wednesday. The reason? My swap package from Anna arrived. Here's just a small taster but I'll give you all the 'deets on Monday.

Let's Hear It For Tavi-I'm not gonna lie, Tavi was one of my main inspirations when it came to starting a blog. I also have her to thank for The Virgin Suicides being one of my favourite novels and also my fondness for Rodarte and Stevie Nicks.Well now she's all grown up and off to live a fabulous life in NYC! The Cut caught up with her recently and this interview is the result. It is definitely one to enjoy over your morning coffee or smoothie.

The App Every Photo Lover Needs-Dare I say it, but I think Afterlight may now be my favourite editing tool. Don't tell Photoshop... I run all of my Instagram pictures, taken with either my phone or camera through it now because I think the filters on there are just so much better. I also like how you can add light effects and adjust the brightness and contrast among other things. It's just over a dollar if you're in NZ and I highly recommend you get it because it is the best

Cat-Tastic-Cats are still in Vogue. Perhaps it's Grace Coddington's doing? Well now Typo have got on the bandwagon. I may or may not have shrieked at the sight of the cat paraphernalia. Cat bags? Cat purses? Even cat eye masks. I managed to escape with just this fridge magnet but it took a lot of willpower and a rather heavy handbag to stop me from going wild.

*Have an amazing weekend everyone! This week's been great compared to last week which was just awful in all honesty. I've been working on an essay all about The September Issue and Anna Wintour which I'm not gonna lie has actually been really fun. It's also probably the most motivated I have been by an assignment ever. What else..oh there's been a little bit of book shopping happening. If anyone wants to see a mini book haul then holler. This weekend I'm hoping to film another video for y'all and I'm having a belated birthday dinner with some friends which should be loverly. Yeeah. x


  1. It has been fun! I shall add a book haul to my 'to-write' list xx

  2. Can't wait! Hope you get my package soon! Thank you for the mention as well dear! xoxoxo

  3. Likewise! It may have turned up today, I'm at Uni in the city now so I'll check the post box when I get back. You're welcome xx

  4. Afterlight sounds good - just checked it out. Will have to download :-)

  5. Tavi is amazing, she is so cool! And afterlight is seriously the bomb.com, it's all I use for my instagram pictures.

  6. I've had afterlight for years and I love it, but I have to say that VSCO cam takes the cake. I don't use anything else for filters now (the trick is to buy a filters pack on top of the free ones - it costs about $5 but you seriously won't use anything else) and then I use afterlight if I want to put a cool frame on.

    I deleted about 15 photography apps the other day because all I use now is VSCO, afterlight, whitagram, and mextures. LOVE downsizing!

  7. I found VSCO Cam too tricky but I am a creature of habit so perhaps I should give it another go.

  8. I seriously have the biggest girl-crush on her! She's amazing. x