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I love scoping out other blogs, particularly ones a bit further afield. There's just something exciting to me about seeing other places, seeing what fashion is trending overseas and just what life looks like elsewhere. You may remember I had a little nosy through Tamira's bag a couple of months back. This time I bring you Isabelle of Lost But Not Found blog. She takes gorgeous pictures, always has on-point style and she's got a way with words. Anyway, here's what's in Isabelle's Shop Tobi bucket bag...

"While I usually carry a fancier, multi-occasion type bag, summer calls for a more relaxed feel, with a grab and go practicality. Lately, I've been carrying this Shop Tobi bucket bag, which fits the minimal things I require during summer. While my version is rather ancient, Zara and Topshop have also been carrying leather and suede equivalents. More importantly, lets discuss what's in my bag. Clockwise from the left; As with any teenager or blogger, I of course have my phone, which is sporting a donut phone case from Paper Source. It is safe to say I get hungry more often due to this accessory, haha. Moving on, I *always* have to have gum with me as I get bored quite quickly. The 5 gum 'Beta' flavor is quite good, although very very strong. Next I have my Wildfox Couture 'Classic Fox' sunnies, which have survived a lot over the years while still remaining intact. Following, I try to always have hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works with me at all times because you never know when you'll need it. A beauty junkie, I also always have my Lush 'Honey Trap' lip balm and my lip product of the day which was 'Rebel' by MAC this day. Another small product I keep that could seem strange is an anti-friction heel roll on balm by Band-Aid. I sometimes get the worst blisters from shoes, heels or not, and this product always saves the day. Lastly, I have a pen and a small pouch from a trip to China filled with money for 'out the door moments' and business cards for when the opportunity arises. I hope you guys enjoyed seeing what I keep in my summer bag!"

-What are your handbag staples? Who's bag should I look inside next?? 


  1. I always carry NYX butter balms with me, they're my go to every day lip product!

  2. I've seen those online & they look pretty! I love the Hurraw lip balms at the moment x

  3. I adore all Mac lip products! My bag normally always includes a shade!

    XO Chloe - A Latte Lipstick

  4. They're so fab! I still think they have the best shade range and formulas x