The Week #120

The Hairdresser's Trio-For the last few weeks I've been using the new Invisible Oil Primer from Bumble & Bumble, more on that Monday. Spoiler alert: I'm rather smitten with it. Well the good folk over at B&B packaged up this mini set of their Invisible Oil products recently. You get the primer, a shampoo and a conditioner, perfect for any holidays you may have coming up. This is sitting in my faux Sephora cart...

Good Old Fashioned Dessert-Last week Ellen and I took ourselves off to Ponsonby for a bit of a wander and dessert, at The Dairy in Ponsonby Central. We opted for icecream and icecream soda respectively. That soda was amazing-chocolate, raspberry, candyfloss and nerds, and a paper straw. My tastebuds went to heaven that day.

Violet Lovin'-Lisa Eldridge and Sophie Dahl. You can't really go wrong with that duo. Lisa creates such wearable makeup looks. There's never anything too ridiculous about them and they're always flawless. I love this violet smokey eye she created on Sophie. If you're like me and not keen on bright, vivid eyeshadows then you'll like this. It's not neutral, but it's not too far away from my comfort zone. Love

New Week, New Reads-Like I said on Wednesday, getting back into reading has been high on my agenda lately. Book Depository is my go-to for their insane range of books at affordable prices+free shipping. Win, win. Anyway, these three arrived on Friday and it made my day. Kindles be damned..

Treat. Yo. Self-Well on Tuesday I got some rather exciting news as something I've been working towards for a while finally came to fruition. I also got my invite to use the new Flossie Concierge app so to celebrate I booked myself in for a styling+treatment session next week at Dry and Tea. I like my hair colour so that's staying untouched but it'll be nice to have something lightweight with a bit more texture to it. As always I'm dreaming of beachy Alexa hair but we shall see..

*This week's been quite fast. I handed in my first essay of the semester on Tuesday but then it was straight back into it with something due next week and then another on the first day of my break. On to more exciting things though, last night I attended the Lush Christmas launch at Tyler St Garage. There was a whole lot of delicious looking products to be seen but more on that in September. Tomorrow I'm off to the Mac Technique seminar at Fashion Weekend with the lovely Tara & Ellen from Shop Style Conquer which'll be fun. You'll hear+see more of that no doubt soon too. Have an amazing weekend everyone! xo


  1. I loved 'we were liars'. I write about it in tomorrow's post!

  2. Awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing your review x.

  3. I got the Hairdresser's Invisible Oil stuff this week and I can't get over how good it smells! x

  4. Isn't it amazing?? I'm gonna have to crack open my samples soon to try x

  5. Awesome to hear that Alisha. I'm really looking forward to going there x

  6. Oh! Let me know what you think about We Were Liars, I loved it :) (And I adore the Bumble and bumble trio as wel.. That smell!)

  7. Will do! I've only just started it but I'm reading Across The Universe at the moment as well. Good old multitasking. It smells amazing <3, like tropical drinks. x