Miscellaneous Christmas Gifts + Wrapping Ideas

I'm back with another little Christmas Gift Guide for y'all today. Now this was meant to be a video but life got in the way. I'll spare you the details but these are all gifts I think would be great for your non-beauty loving friends. They're all things I'd love to receive too. Obviously it's what on the inside that counts but the outside is just as important, especially at Christmas! I've also rounded up some of my favourite gift wrapping bits into this post. You may notice a recurring colour theme...

A Very She & Him Christmas-Christmas albums are something you'll either love or loathe. The Mariah album is not for me but come Christmas time, Love Actually's soundtrack and this classic from Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward come out to play. It's definitely one for those with more indie-geared music taste but it's a lot less painful to listen to than some of the cringe-worthy compilations out there. 

Rookie Yearbook 3-This is the best of Rookie online in book form with loads of extra interviews and stories that aren't online to keep fans happy. If you're like me you might drift in and out of Rookie but it's always a site I come back to. This would be great for a teenage girl, Tavi fangirls or just anyone who loves darn good content.

Rifle Paper Co Stationery-Look how gorgeous these notebooks are. Now think how good they'd look in whoever's hands you choose to deposit them into. Rifle Paper stationery is all beautifully designed and presented. They've also got a range of prints, calendars, recipe cards and even children's books to choose from in their online store. Shipping to NZ can be a bit pricey but it all arrives in perfect condition and really quickly so it's worthwhile.

Music & Book Vouchers-Let's be real, some people are just hard to shop for and if you know they're music or book enthusiasts then vouchers can often be the way to go. They can choose what they want themselves and everyone wins. iTunes gift cards are always bound to go down a treat and can be used across Apple's extensive iTunes store. In terms of book vouchers if you're based in Auckland I'd suggest heading to Unity Books or Time Out Books. They have fantastic ranges in store and whoever you're shopping for won't walk out empty handed.

Magazine Subscriptions-I already know that I'm getting a Frankie magazine subscription for Christmas and I'm not gonna lie, I'm really excited about it. Subscriptions are one of those things I don't tend to buy for myself so when I'm gifted one it's the best. Magazines I'm loving at the moment and think are worth subscribing to are; Frankie, Kinfolk, Nylon, Yen and Donna Hay if you have a foodie to shop for. 

Etsy Prints-Or anything from Etsy really! They're a great destination to shop for unique gifts and are perfect for pop culture fans. Above are some Gilmore Girls cards I featured in yesterday's post. Simply think of any movie or film star (for example) that you or your gift recipient love and you'll be rewarded with a range of gems. 

Gift Wrapping Loves

Kikki K 'Merry Christmas' Card-This is giving me Kate Spade vibes and those dots. Beautiful! I believe you can buy these cards in sets too if you're wanting to share them around.

Rifle Paper Co Joyeux Noel Cards-I think the visual above does all the talking for these really. I'm going to be giving these out to some of my rad friends and blogging pals and hope they love them as much as I do. 

Typo Gift Wrap-Gees Typo, you could've been a bit more inventive with your names..Surprise surprise, more gold. I initially bought this paper to wrap up some bits'n pieces from a swap I just did but the rest is going to go towards Christmas presents. I'm not a fan of paper that looks too Christmassy, so this paper with subtle gold accents and motifs appealed to me.

Typo 'Give It To Me' Tags-Now gift tags are by no means an essential but they add a nice little touch. You can attach them to some twine or ribbon if you're feeling creative as well.

Typo Christmas Card-I'm pretty sure this card came home with me because of the mini envelope factor and of course the gold+dot detailing. I think this is such a cute card and if I wasn't planning on adding it to my Christmas moodboard it'd definitely be making its way into someone's letterbox.

*What's on your wishlist for Christmas?


  1. I love She & Him! Those Rifle stationery look really good!

  2. They're great! So looking forward to hearing their new album next week. x