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It seems like ages ago since I started watching Zoe's videos and reading her blog, but it was really only two years back. I can't remember how many subscribers she had back then but it really was not a massive following. Caution: cheesy moment coming. Seeing how successful she's been though makes me so happy and while I don't know her personally, I can't help but feel so excited for her. Many of you will probably know that she's recently launched a range of bath and body products under the moniker, Zoella Beauty. Naturally I wanted to buy all of the things but the candle was unfortunately sold out online and the body mist won't ship internationally. What I did manage to get ahold of though has certainly delivered..

Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion-First off, I love the Zoella Beauty packaging. Rose gold type, lace detailing reminiscent of paper doilies, dots and coral pink. All things Zoe loves. I feel like this range of products perfectly reflects Zoe from the design through to the scent. This body lotion is scented the same as the Fizz Bar and it's lovely. I thought it might be super sweet but it really isn't. It's floral, with a hint of sweetness but it's not overpowering in the slightest. It seems to remind me of fresh linen and is something I can imagine would appeal to a wide range of women. Oh, and it keeps your limbs nicely moisturised too.

Eyes Beauty Bag-This was by no means a necessary purchase but I am so glad it did make its way into my virtual basket. For a makeup bag it is ridiculously roomy. It fits all my brushes and the makeup essentials. Even the mammoth Real Techniques Powder Brush manages to fit itself in here. You'll see just how much it manages to hold in a video next week as well as another way you may wish to use it. Ooh mysterious..

Fizz Bar Fragranced Bath Fizzer-Aka the chocolate bar for your bath, but it's probably best you don't try eating it. As the name would suggest, this is a chocolate block style bar made up of fizzy cubes you break off and drop into your bath. They don't do anything exciting but they do make your bath smell good. You can use as many, or as little of these as you want but I tend to use one when I'm not wanting a bath that's filled with glitter or rainbow water.

*Have you tried anything from the Zoella Beauty Range? What did you think of it? PS-NZ+international non-UK friends, you can buy these products online from Feel Unique. They'll ship everything except the Body Mist overseas.

-Wowzers, it's Wednesday and November. I am finally done with Uni for the year and am now just that little bit closer to being finished. Today I'm heading out for a well-needed day off so I'll be wandering the city as you read this. See you all tomorrow with that giveaway I promised you and a little fashiony post xx.

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