New from Mac

It's been a while since I've paid Mac a visit, on the blog at least. I did check out their newly opened Ponsonby store back when it opened and all the display stock was fresh and unswatched. I was going through my makeup recently though and realised these products hadn't had a mention around these parts and decided that needed to be changed...

Matchmaster Concealer*-Stick concealers, or the idea of them at least have always scared me. I've seen reviews of a drugstore offering and not been impressed but once I got to grips with this Mac one I was set. It has been designed to sit alongside their Matchmaster Foundation and I was sent the shades 2 and 3. Funnily enough 3 is actually lighter than 2. Anyway, I found the best way to apply this was to take a small amount on your finger and then either pat it in with fingers or a beauty sponge. As it is on the thicker side you need the tiniest amount. I'm saving this concealer for days when the redness or blemishes are going a bit wild but my first foray into stick concealers hasn't disappointed.

Soba Eyeshadow-This is one of those Mac colours that doesn't seem to get a lot of love (it's the one on the left btw) and I'll be honest it does look a bit 'meh' until you put it on your eyes. There's just something about Soba. It's described as a gold brown with gold shimmer but it's not overly gold or yellow toned so to me it's a lot more wearable. For reference, most metallic gold shadows make me look like I've stepped out of the Capitol in The Hunger Games. It's just beautiful and this photo really won't do it justice so go to a Mac counter and swatch it or try it on yourself.

Wedge Eyeshadow-I purchased this at the same time as Soba with a birthday voucher as I wanted another matte shadow to use as a crease colour. This was one I've seen Tanya mention countless times in her tutorials so it had been on my radar. It's a light brown and just looks a lot softer than the crease colour I had been using. On lazy makeup days I just apply this all over the lids for something simple on the eyes without the major effort involved.

*Have you picked up any new products from Mac recently?

-I hope you've all had fabulous weeks! I feel like I've managed to get a lot done this week although nothing overly exciting has happened. My parcel for a Bloggers Book Swap I did is almost all ready to go and a bit of a binge of the After You've Gone and the IT Crowd box sets may have happened. Oh and while I'm here (although I will have announced this on Facebook by now) congrats to Marianna who won my EmmaKisstina giveaway and thank you to everyone who entered! xx

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  1. Ooh I'd love to see what the Wedge eyeshadow looks like on!

  2. I love Soba now since I purchased after your recommendation, so thank you! I've always been scared of stick concealers after having a bad experience with a Rimmel one but this sounds interesting! Always love a bit of Mac goodness (; x

  3. Aww yay! I'm glad to hear you like it too. It's such a gorgeous shade. x