Mrs Pinto x Amber Whitecliffe

In an ever-continuing quest to bring some fashiony-bits back to NW, I headed along to a blogger's preview night for Amber Whitecliffe's new collection at her Parnell flagship store. Fun fact: Amber Whitecliffe used to blog herself over on Amber and Hillary which is sadly no more. On the plus side, she's now bringing us a tonne of gorgeous, locally-made fashion pieces. Her latest collection Mrs Pinto debuted at New Zealand Fashion Week and it is stunning. Lots of reds, a watercolour print, florals and plenty of Summery frocks to choose from. We're simply spoilt for choice! It was a fabulous night and it was great for me to catch up with Tara and Ellen, Britney who I have not seen in ages, Helena, Christine and to finally meet Steph. The lovely Evelyn from Just So Pretty was also on hand to share her experiences about fashion journalism which was very inspiring.

I took my handy-dandy camera along with me and captured some of the night. These pictures really don't do the stunning collection justice though so if you live locally, head on in to Amber's boutique or have a browse online.

Look at all that gorgeous red! I love the Primeira Dama printed pieces. These shorts in particular stand out.

One of the highlights for us bloggers was being able to see Amber's designs up close and personal. There was a lot of delight over the different textures and fabrics. Can you tell I really liked this floral print? I believe Amber bought this fabric back from her travels in America recently.

The feature wall based on the backdrop of the lookbook images for the Mrs Pinto collection. Chillis and flowers. This was again a popular feature with us bloggers.

Delicious red Petal cupcakes, strawberries and Amber's fabric supplies. Those cupcakes were so good!

I seem to have taken a lot of pictures of this rack of clothing! Perhaps it was the sparkles that kept drawing me back to it? 

Thanks so much for inviting me to check out the Mrs Pinto collection Amber! I love your work. 

PS-If you want to see a rather rad vlog check out this one from Britney. 

*What do you love from the Mrs Pinto collection?

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