The Week #130

Beauty Editors' Favourite Things-Beauty editors get sent a lot of stuff so naturally it takes a product a good deal of work to win them over. The Coveteur published their findings on what some of America's top beauty editors love. I'm adding Kevyn Aucoin mascara to my wishlist after seeing multiple raves for it. 

Christmas Is Looking Ambient-The beauty brands really seem to bring it during the festive season and this year Hourglass have decided to bring back their popular Ambient Lighting palette from last year but have reworked it for their new blush palette. There's two of the existing blushers included and one limited edition inclusion but if you're clever you can mix the colours for a custom colour. I'd be very happy to see this one under the tree next month...

Garance Dore + Rifle Paper Co-There's just something about fashion illustration that seems to get me every time. The Garance Dore + Rifle Paper Co collaboration is no exception as I've got one of their to-do list notepads in my life. Well they've added some new bits 'n bobs to the range. I love these notebooks. For the beauty-obsessed, they have some products adorned with makeup illustrations too. I'm obsessed basically.

A British Reading List-Now I thought my reading list growing up had been heavily influenced by British literature. Apparently, I was wrong because there was maybe one or two books in Sanne and Liv's video that I had read. I added several books from this video to my Goodreads feed and top of the list is I Capture The Castle. If you're bookishly inclined I suggest you give it a watch.

Taylor Swift Meets Gone Girl-Or as my friend so aptly put it, Tay Tay goes cray cray. This is such an awesome video though. Aside from the Gone Girl vibes there's eye candy, cats, a tonne of costume changes and red lips. Taylor's killin' it in the best possible way.


  1. The Blank Space video was so amazing, and the dresses? *heart eyed emoji x37*. Dying over all the festive releases too! x

  2. SO good! I spritzed her new perfume today & loved it. x

  3. I absolutely loved I Capture the Castle!! It's a must read for me. And now I too am considering the Kevyn Aucoin mascara...

  4. Awesome! I actually tried finding it in the bookstore today but they didn't seem to have it :(. I'll have to keep hunting x