March Happy Mail

Two Happy Mail posts in one month? You lucky things. Plot spoiler: the March Happy Mail kit was good, so good in fact that it sold out really fast. Maybe there's a whole world of copper magpie-humans (just roll with it) out there that I never even knew about. I was really impressed with the card selection this month and while this only arrived last week, I've already been putting the cards to use. In fact, some of you guys may find yourselves with them. 

Here's what was in the March Happy Mail along with my musings about all the stationery things...

Observation #1: All the colour! There was really a rainbow of colour in this month's kit which I liked. Here we have another birthday card, which I've used already and a Palm Springs card which I love. It reminds me of those 90's-early 00's cartoon shows that used to be on Nickolodeon or Cartoon Network. Y'know the ones where they had really kitschy, unique looking houses? There was a grumpy cat which I think is the cutest thing ever, and then some stickers/tabs. You could use these along the edge of pages, cards, in those plastic dividers for folders/paper storage. They were the thing I was least excited for this month but I'll still use them anyway.

There was a lot of copper lettering in this month's kit which made me extremely happy. There was another animal themed card, this time with a pug. Side note: I do not get the somewhat universal obsession with pugs. Moving along, we have a motivational postcard-perfect for the old vision board. Then we have the gorgeous dotted notecard which was one of my favourites this month. I also love those neon gift tags. They're great for jazzing up a present, especially if you use plain brown paper. You can also use them in scrapbooking or even make bookmarks if you're in the DIY mood.

Now the main image at the top of this post contains my favourite things from the March kit. The stunning Maya Angelou quote print with the marbled background is already on my pinboard and might even find itself in a frame at some point. I also love that shopping list because lists are my thing and I am terrible at remembering what I entered the supermarket for. The Dolly Parton quote card is another nice one to brighten up someone's day, and who can resist that rainbow envelope? There could've been twenty of those "I Owe You Big Time" cards, they're that useful. Finally we have the "You Got This" card. Another one that's stunning to look at and motivate yourself/someone else with.

So in case you couldn't tell by that essay, I was really impressed with this month's Happy Mail. I really think it's such good value for money. Elsie+Emma and their team obviously put a lot of time into how each item could be used and everything's so practical. I'm definitely going to keep my subscription going.

*Are you signed up for Happy Mail? What do you think of it?

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