The Week #145

Pencilled In x Mac: Mac are on fire with their new collections at the moment and their latest lip launch has me excited. If you know me, you'll know that I love Mac's lip products so the Pencilled In collection, out March 16 is right up my street. A range of Mac's popular lipsticks are being repromoted, along with some new lipglasses and lip pencils. I am loving the Candy Yum-Yum lipglass*. In fact, I'm loving Mac's lipglasses in general at the moment. Would anyone like to see a post about them?

Boyhood: This was on my 'to-watch' list at the film festival last year, but from memory it clashed with my timetable last semester. Well I finally got around to watching it this week and wow. For those not in the know, this story is filmed with the exact same cast over a 12 year period. The story is amazing and each section of life flows into the other seamlessly. I also enjoyed hearing music and the various pop culture references from the different years of the 00's. Mason's love for photography was one of my favourite parts as well. This is brilliant and if you're yet to watch it, make that a priority this weekend. 

The Return of the Raspberry: Last year, The Body Shop made me extremely happy with the launch of their blueberry and raspberry scented products. They were as delicious as they sound, but sadly they were both limited edition. Well, thankfully the Raspberry and Peach scented products are coming back as part of the Early Harvest collection at the end of March. I have the body butter and another tub of the scrub which I love and am looking forward to reusing. Don't be surprised if they're in my March favourites post.

That's Just Fabulous: No really, it is. Faith's blog is one of my current favourite beauty reads. She's a designer as well so her pictures and blog are so aesthetically pleasing. She reviews the best of the best and I could happily while away a few hours on her blog.

An Etsy Store to Obsess Over: I do love me a good Etsy trawl from time to time and this week I discovered Velvet Wolves. She sells prints, zines, stickers and apparel. What I love about them though is that they feature some of my favourite famous women; Alexa Chung, Keira Knightley, Lana Del Rey and Zooey Deschanel to name a few. A little purchase may have happened too..

-As always, have the most awesome of weekends everyone! This week was considerably better than the last, although I'm not gonna lie it was kinda...weird not having classes to go to. The job search is still going and I've applied for a few positions that I really liked. Keep your fingers crossed for me! Other than that I have a bit of a girly sleepover planned this evening and finally filming that video for y'all. Oh-and I booked tickets to go see Les Mis in Sydney when I'm there for a few days in May. If you know me you'll know I'm really quite excited about that. xo

*PR Sample


  1. Okay,

    Need that MAC lipglass in my life. Can you believe I've never owned, or tried them? It's on my wish list now! Also, after watching the Academy Awards I was very intrigued by Boyhood--with your recommendation now I feel like I HAVE to see it! x

    With much love, Lauren.

  2. You need it Lauren! They're surprisingly not too sticky which I like. I think they may have changed the formula as well and yes you have to watch Boyhood! The awards season got me fascinated by that movie too. I think you'd really like it x

  3. Definitely will be checking out that etsy store as I adore Lana Del Rey! Haven't gotten around to seeing Boyhood yet but tonight is my night in so I think i'll watch it as it's gotten amazing reviews. Holly :) x

  4. Thank you so much for the sweet shout-out!!
    Hope you have a fantastic weekend :)

  5. Aww you are welcome lovely lady! I hope your weekend's going fab x

  6. Awesome! There's quite a few Lana prints in there, I nearly bought some Lana stickers too but resisted. I hope you enjoyed Boyhood :) x

  7. Yass! & it's cruelty free too so wins all round. Every time I get something now I check to see if it's cruelty free so I can tell you about it haha. x

  8. Love those illustrations! Wish I was that good at drawing. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Sophie x


  9. Same Ruby! I hope your weekend's been lovely x