The Week #148

The Day The Brow Game Died-It was dark, one single click let me know that Brow Wiz was no more. Dramatisations aside, I didn't realise how much I liked this pencil until it had run out. The colour was just perfect and not too dark. I find because my hair is so dark, darker brow pencils can often make my eyebrows look jet black and very cartoony. Not ideal. Where am I going with this? Brow Wiz is darn good stuff and while I may be about to contradict myself, I am going to have to repurchase it ASAP.  

Beauty Buying Bans-Point #2, I don't think I've mentioned it on le blog yet but I am on a beauty buying ban. The reason being I am going to Sydney in May and I want to have as much money as possible to go wild in Sephora and Priceline and H&M and all the retail places. You get the gist. So far it's going quite well. I've only made one repurchase so far, possibly another if I've succumbed and bought another Brow Wiz. So yeah, if things seem a lot less haul-y around here now you know why. I promise there'll be more of that happening in May though. Maybe I'll do a post about some rediscoveries if anyone's interested?

A New YouTube Love-I love YouTube as much as the next person, but I feel like some of the more successful YouTubers are becoming less relatable to me. I don't mean that in a negative way, it's just they may be aiming their content at a much younger age group and not their peers for instance. One YouTuber who I'm a bit obsessed with at the moment though manages to keep things real, and that's Carrie Hope Fletcher. She's currently playing Eponine in Les Mis on the West End, dream gig right? Oh, and she has a book coming out. She loves all things musical theatre and book related, hence why I'm a bit addicted to her channel. It's worth the watch this weekend. 

DIY Marble Art-When I saw the words 'shaving cream and ink' in my Bloglovin feed I did double take. If anyone were to make something rad out of that though, it would be the A Beautiful Mess ladies. These have been designed to use in the background of scrapbooks but they'd make cute cards or wall decor as well. Love.

A Serum Worth Worshipping-Oh man I'm so punny. I cannot deal. In seriousness, Antipodes Worship Serum* is pretty darn awesome. First off, it smells amazing, like berries. Secondly, it's so lightweight and your skin just drinks it up, in the best possible way. It hasn't been proven but this product is magical, I'm sure of it. Seriously, my skin looks half-decent when this is in my routine and for that I am grateful willing to worship this glass bottle.

-As always have the raddest of weekends everybody. This week's been a good'un but I'm looking forward to some sleep ins this weekend. I've got some work to do and a belated 21st to head off to. Oh-and I have another blog giveaway to finalise but, more on that next week. There may also be some baking in between. I feel like I say that every weekend but it never eventuates. I will force myself into the kitchen though. Scout's honour. See y'all on Monday with two new posts xx.

*PR Sample


  1. That Brow Wiz is amazing, I could definitely not be without mine - good luck hunting one down! Sydney in May will be fun, and not too hot which is perfect, although I am probably more sensitive to the heat than others, haha! SEPHORA though!

  2. Thanks Nicole! Hopefully I find one soon. Yeah hopefully it isn't too hot-although knowing Sydney they'll think 20 degrees is cold haha. Yes omg so excited for Sephora!

  3. I've always wanted to try Brow Wiz but never have. I will get on that once my MAC eyebrow pencil runs out (plus Anastasia is cruelty free, hallelujah!) and I totally agree with you on the whole YouTubers becoming more juvenile in order to stay "hip" with their younger fans. That's kinda why I stopped watching Jenna Marbles.

  4. I love Carrie too - can't wait to read her book.

    Emma | ohflowerchild.blogspot.com

  5. Same! I think it's out a month today here. Whoop whoop x

  6. Yay for cruelty free! They have such a good shade range available too. It's hard to not find a pencil to match your brows. To be honest I've never watched Jenna Marbles but yeah it is a bit alienating. x