March Roundup

March always seems to be one of those blink and you miss it kind of months. Nonetheless it was a busy one on the blog with a bit more lifestyle content making an appearance. There was also two new videos uploaded and even a giveaway. There's another giveaway coming up later in the week but before we get to that, here's a look at what you may have missed in March over on Nana Wintour.

Downsizing The Beauty Stash: We makeup lovers may not want to admit it to ourselves but it is possible to have way too many beauty things. Decluttering is hard but I've worked out a bit of a system to make the difficult task a bit easier. 

Mac SS15 | The Products: New Mac products equal a whole lot of emoji heart-eyed cat feels so it was inevitable that a bit of a love letter was going to make its way here. If you pick up one thing from this post, get the Stormy Pink paint pot. It's a stunner.

10 Things That Make Me Happy: I really love reading list posts on blogs at the moment so I decided to share one here this month. It actually had quite a positive response on here and elsewhere on the interwebs which I wasn't really anticipating. Expect to see more list posts around these parts sometime soon.

My Gratitude Journal: Towards the end of February I started up a gratitude journal/visual journal. It's part diary, part reflective tool. I'll be honest, I got a bit slack with updating this during March but I'll be sure to get back into it during April.

*What posts did you enjoy reading in March?

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