An Indie Store Haul

I do love a good haul and excuse to support smaller, independent stores. Whether they're local or online, they're often packed with unique treasures and you're bound to find something special for yourself or someone else. In this case, it was more of a 'treat yo self' moment although I did buy someone a Christmas present from one of these places. Anyway, on with the haul...

-Rookie Yearbook Four, purchased from Time Out Books-This was another gem of a book released last month and I ordered mine in from Time Out as soon as I heard they were getting it. The Rookie yearbooks contain a mishmash of content from Rookie's site over the last year, curated by Tavi Gevinson and her team. There's also a bunch of bonus content from rad people like Lorde, Emma Roberts, Florence Welch and more. As well as all that, each section is beautifully presented, illustrated and an absolute visual feast. Side note: if you are in Auckland and find yourself in Mt Eden. Go to Time Out. You won't regret it. 

-Mint+Gold Planner, purchased from Nouvelle Daily-Now this sold out super fast and I'm not too sure where else they're available from. If I find that out though I will let you know. I've already purchased a diary for next year but I like to keep my blog calendar+planning separate which is where this planner comes in. It's not dated so you could technically use it whenever you wish but I'm going to be busting it out next year for all my blog planning+other creative things. 

-Holly Golightly watercolour portrait by Oh Gosh Cindy-This is fast becoming one of my favourite Etsy stores. I'm currently trying to convince myself that I do not need to buy Christmas cards from here although it's not going too well. How beautiful is this Audrey Hepburn print? I'm still hunting for the perfect, plain frame for it so it can shine in all its glory on my wall. There's a heap of other awesome prints with rad ladies and gents of pop culture land featured in her store so you're bound to find something that'll take your fancy.

-Moonrise Kingdom Suzy card-Moonrise Kingdom is one of my favourite films and Suzy Bishop's my favourite character from the film. Her wardrobe, love of cats and fondness for books and records just appeals to me, y'know? There's not much more to this purchase really. 

*Have you picked up any goodies from independent stores lately? What are your favourite indie stores?

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