Taking Stock: Volume Two

Happy Friday! In lieu of my usual photographic roundup I thought I'd revisit a post I did in May. I like this tag and while it may not be as enticing as pictures, it really gets across what I have been up to in words..

Making: As of right now, dinner and also some pages for my visual journal, all to the sweet track that is Sorry by Justin Bieber. Don't try to pretend you're not obsessed with it. 
Cooking: Meatballs, pasta and mushrooms. Carb loading slash it's 8pm when I'm writing this. I came this close to ordering takeaways but because I had a coffee I am all goood.
Drinking: Water.
Reading: Four or so different books. Am I machine? Not really...I just keep moving titles around depending on what priority they are to be finished i.e. library book, a book I'm reviewing for a post etc. So, at the moment I am reading: Love Style Life, To All The Boys I've Loved Before (not sure how I feel about this one), Money and Mindfulness and Wildflower.
Wanting: To somehow find a Fleetwood Mac ticket for Sunday's show in the streets. I need to see Stevie Nicks guys, it's problematic (perhaps on a first world level) that their show falls the exact same weekend as Florence's.
Looking: At this screen. Riveting...
Playing: Spotify's top 40 for New Zealand. It seems to consist entirely of Justin Bieber's new album and I am okay with that. 
Wishing: I was in California on a road trip with a full battery on my camera, the best soundtrack on Earth, friends, books and sunshine.
Enjoying: Watching Season 2 of Parks and Rec. I relate to April Ludgate a lot, it's kinda scary actually. 
Waiting: For the weekend! I'm seeing Florence and the Machine on Saturday and then on Sunday I have one of my best friend's bridal showers to go to.
Liking: Kikki K's new collections. That store is dangerous guys, but dangerous and addictive in the best possible way.
Wondering: What my first day at a new job is going to be like tomorrow and also wondering what kind of dress code they have. It seems like smart-casual but I'm wondering if they go extra casual on Fridays. Hmm..
Loving: Scream Queens. I am obsessed with that show.
Pondering: What I'll be doing next year-will I be studying? Will I still be juggling all the hats? Who knows..
Considering: What to get my Secret Santa for Christmas. Myself and a few of my friends are doing it. We have a $20 limit and I've got so many ideas for her. I just need to condense it down to the best one.
Watching: Scream Queens, Parks and Rec Season 2 and re-watching Gilmore Girls Season 2. 
Marveling: At some of my newest Instagram discoveries. More on that soon.
Needing: New shoes that aren't casual, boots or high heels. I don't like shoe shopping either so this may take a while.
Wearing: A black muscle-back tee, a black skirt and a ring from Lovisa. Basically my work clothes but I took my jacket off.
Followingfromroses blog and loving her feed and blog and overall aesthetic. Such a gorgeous beauty and lifestyle blog.
Noticing: That I've listened to Sorry x Justin Bieber four or five times in the last hour because I keep switching Spotify playlists..
Knowing: That I am in a much better place mentally than I was a year ago. I feel so much more happier and content with who I am and where I am going. It might not be the most direct of paths but it's working for me so yeah. Cryptic but I'm sure some of you will get what I mean.
Thinking: About what I am wearing tomorrow and what I'll be doing when I get home. I can answer that second one for you, listening to Adele's new album immediately.
Admiring: Some of the inspirational images I've torn out of magazines recently.
Sorting: Out a letter I have to write tonight. Fun times.
Buying: Nothing *sad face*, hooray for car bills. Although I may just have to get some Florence merch on Saturday. 
Getting: Excited as anything for the weekend...mainly Florence. I love ya A, but Florence is going to be something else.
Bookmarking: Pages in books when I'm half asleep and don't want to finish mid-sentence or paragraph because I know I won't remember a thing the next day.
Disliking: That Amy is moving to Australia really soon. It's not that far away, but far enough to make me sad. I guess that gives me excuses to head across the ditch though!
Opening: Same as last time, the new Mecca Christmas catalogue. I wonder how many hints I can leave for Santa. Should I bookmark the pages?
Giggling: At April hanging up the phone on people calling Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec before they've even started talking. This sums up my attitude to phone calls sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) perfectly.
Feeling: Content.
Snacking: On the Little Island Banana Bean icecream. It's dairy free and I love bananas so yeah. It's an exciting thing.
Coveting: An Ikea Billy bookcase, and also a new DSLR so I can film HD things and not kill my wrists using my phone to film.
Helping: People with marketing things and writing things. Yep.
Hearing: Hailee Steinfeld declaring that she loves herself and doesn't need anybody else. Good message, even if some people seem to have their minds in the gutter about her lyrics.

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