The Freedom Homeware Haul

A little while back I was lucky enough to get a sneaky preview of Freedom Furniture's homeware selection for Summer, as well as their exclusive festive range. Being the decor+interior design lover that I am, this was a dream come true for me and I couldn't wait to go shopping after. Freedom very kindly gifted us a voucher to use instore and I took advantage of it a couple of weeks ago. The experience was akin to what I imagine a kid being left alone in a candy store would feel. Here's what made its way home with me...

Ecoya Sweet Fruits and Pink Champagne Candle-Candles aren't really the sort of thing I buy for myself if I am entirely honest but this one smelt so decadent that it had to be purchased. Its scent is tropical yet the champagne notes give it an air of sophistication as well. 

Cuddle Mug-Firstly, how cute is that name? This is the white cup speckled with blue in the photo and it'd like to contain your hot and cold beverages of choice. Sorry, channeling Frankie mag here. Seriously though, this is very cute and they have some other lovely colours for this design too so go give 'em a look.

Galerie Tumbler-Now this is stunning, the clear tumblers edged with gold honeycomb detailing. From memory they're handpainted too. These would look so lovely on your table at Christmas time or during the year if you want to keep the festive vibes going. 

Lagoon Cereal Bowl-This is so stunning. My photo's not going to do it justice. The glazed interior reminds me of what I imagine the water in Greece looks like. There's a range of pieces in this style like dinner plates and salad bowls plus there's a similar design in a darker blue colour as well. It's a bold claim but this might just be my favourite buy of all from Freedom.

Delight Side Plate-"She said, just like Marie Antoinette". This appealed to my sweet treat loving self and I was attracted by the gold lettering and matte black background. I'm really loving the matte ceramics at the moment. They have these plates available with more festive sayings too and a sweet one that says something like 'it's lovely to have you here' which would be such a neat thing to serve guests breakfasts on. 

Gold placemat-I'll be honest, this was purchased primarily for photographic purposes. Blogger life...However I will probably end up using it for its intended use as well. There were silver ones as well I believe but they weren't identical. 

-Have you hauled any homewares lately? What did you grab?

*Have an amazing weekend everyone! TGIF. No really, T.G.I.F. Maybe that's just my reaction at present because I'm tired but it's been a long week so the weekend is warmly welcomed. Despite my best attempts today, the Uber Kittens won't be a reality *sad face*. This weekend I'm going to the lovely Amy's wedding and that's about it really. Have a good one and I'll see y'all on Monday with my November Favourites. 

**All of these products were redeemed with a gift voucher, with the exception of the Ecoya Candle which I paid for myself. As always, all love of #homegoals worthy items are my own.

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