My Week in Pictures #12

This week I've been thinking a lot about expectations and the standards we set for ourselves. I always enjoy doing these photographic roundups but I got to the middle of the week and nearly canned this altogether because I decided my life wasn't visually interesting enough. There's been a bit in the media lately about the deception that can come with a digital life and don't get me wrong, I don't want to deceive anyone into thinking my life is amazing to the next lev. I do these posts because I love them and it gets me using my camera and being creative. They shouldn't have to be aesthetically pleasing and dreamy 24/7 because life isn't necessarily that way. I'm going to be taking it back to basics and documenting what I love and feel excited about in the weeks to come. A snapshot taken with no pressure, no personal expectations and no doubts. Here's to the candid life...

(Above)-This picture's quite apt given that introduction. I took the time to look up yesterday afternoon. The trees and clouds make me feel so zen.

-A little bit of Trade Aid shopping. It's so good having one of their stores not too far from where I live. The chocolate is actually for my Dad for his birthday but I'll be stealing some.

-The inside cover of the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland book, illustrated by Anna Bond. It's the most beautiful book on earth. 

-Cake inspiration from Amelia Ferrier, recipe notes and Kit Kats. I'm making a banana cake today with chocolate ganache, crushed Kit Kat sprinkled over the top and sprinkles to decorate. I hardly ever make cakes but they're one of my favourite things to bake so I'm looking forward to it.

-This little bag contained some sunscreen I was sent from Oasis earlier in the week. A lot of PR packages come relatively plainly packaged so it was nice to see something more unique and personal like this.

-Oops, iHerb happened. I'll be talking more about those Real Techniques products at some stage so keep an eye out for that. Those salted caramel coconut chips came at the recommendation of xLivLovesMakeup and they were so good. I'm not a huge fan of coconut on its own but these were amazing

-A lil' library haul from yesterday. On my drive out here I saw the most stunning wildflowers. If I hadn't been on a time schedule I would've pulled over and taken pictures but there's always another day for that.

*Have an amazing weekend everyone! Today I am cake baking, working on my work for the 'Think Like A Designer' module of my course, more on that next week, and also doing some other work related things. This weekend's gonna be more low-key but I am going to the Sarah J Maas interview+signing on Sunday in Auckland which I'm looking forward to. Even if I know nobody, I love getting to meet authors. See y'all on Monday with a beauty post! x

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