November Favourites

As much as I'd like not to begin with the cliched, oh my gosh how is it the end of November remark, I feel like it's necessary. This month has gone way, way too quickly. It's been a month of change and success, happiness and a little bit of sadness but all in all it's been pretty amazing. There's some products I succumbed to the hype with on show and then some I fell in love with all by myself. Plus that album I'm not going to be tiring of any time soon..

Too Faced Hangover Replenishing Face Primer-My lovely Mum bought this back for me from Sydney and I am so thankful she did. This primer seems to work like a skincare treatment+makeup extender in one. Unlike most primers, it is really moisturising and creamy so it feels much more nourishing on the skin. Would I use this in place of a moisturiser? No but as a pre-makeup step it is rather lovely.

Becca x Jaclyn Hill Shimmering Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop, limited edition-I succumbed to the hype and believe the hype because this is perfection to the next level. It's the most flattering highlighter and doesn't settle into pores or leave unnecessary glittery stripes across your face. This champagne-gold colour is warm but not overly so. I really wish this wasn't limited edition because when it is discontinued I'm going to be wanting a backup.

The Comforter Shower Cream*-One of Lush's Oxford Street exclusives made its way into some of the Christmas sets this year. Can I get an amen? If you like The Comforter bubble bar then you're bound to love this. It's the blackcurrant, lolly scent we all know and love in cream form and it's bright pink. What more could you want, other than this being stocked in the Southern Hemisphere Lush stores?

Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Celebrated-All my Tarte blushers could be in here this month, but that would have made for one very crowded post. There's just something about these blushers. Like Champagne Pop, they're also very flattering on the skin and don't settle into pores. They're also crazy long-wearing and don't fade too much, if at all when I'm wearing them. That's saying something too, because my cheeks seem to eat makeup like it's going out of fashion. 

Clinique Lip Pop+Primer in Melon Pop*-I know a few people who love Clinique's lipsticks so I had high hopes for this new one. It did not disappoint. Melon Pop is a peachy pink that leans more on the nude side of things. In other words, it's the perfect Sophie colour. At this time of year I seem to exclusively wear nude lipsticks, more so if they're peachier so it's right up my alley and is getting used heaps right now. It pairs nicely with their Cheek Pop blush too if you're a fan of coordinating makeup.

25 x Adele-Adele's left us all in the dark for four years, wondering if she'd end our deprivation for her freakin' amazing tunes. Plot spoiler: she did. If she doesn't completely clean up this awards season I will eat my words. Seriously. 25 is much more uplifting than previous Adele albums, which she herself has described as melancholy. There's still the classic, nostalgic Adele song or two thrown into the mix and a song or four that'll make you cry but the tone of this one is much less mournful. It's a tough call but I think this may have taken 19's place as my favourite Adele album. Stand out tracks: When We Were Young, I Miss You, Remedy (the whole entire thing basically).

Love Style Life by Garance Dore*-I say this a lot but I feel like a lot of lifestyle books let me down, more so if they contain the cliched 'wear this, style your lounge like this' tips as if they're the absolute definition of style. I like to think style can be learned or dictated to a degree but it is largely discovered and curated on our own. Anyway, Love Style Life is a curation of everything that defines Garance's aesthetic and how she mixes her Parisian taste for New York City. She also talks about how she grew Garance Dore into the flourishing business and incredibly rad blog it is today. This book is beautifully presented and is as inspiring as it is hilarious. If you're stuck on what to get a girlfriend this Christmas, buy her this.

-What have you been loving during November?

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