A Gift Guide for Book Lovers

'Tis the season for more reading, and gifting of course, but you didn't need me to tell you that. I've done a couple of beauty gift posts but today I thought I'd bring it back to the books. Unless you're buying for someone who is really against the idea of reading, I feel like they're not the sort of gift you can go wrong with. Provided you have a general grasp of someone's tastes you should be safe with them. To make things extra easy for you, I've curated some of my book recommendations to suit a range of people. From foodies to fashionistas, we have you covered...

For the fashionista: The Sartorialist X by Scott Schuman*-Many a fashion savvy individual will be familiar with the original street style blog, The Sartorialist. Scott Schuman's released a number of books now collating his photographs into something you can hold and admire. This is the kind of book that's perfect for the coffee table, as a conversation starter or just something to flick through for outfit inspiration. 

For the comedy lover+memoir enthusiast: Yes Please by Amy Poehler-I'm the sort of person who loves memoirs and autobiographies and if I put in book requests at Christmastime, there's usually bound to be at least one of these on the list. Smart Girls co-founder and all round awesome woman Amy Poehler's memoir is brilliant. It's hilarious, inspiring and such a fun read. 

For the girl who likes a bit of everything: Frankie Magazine, issue sixty nine-A bundle of their favourite magazines would no doubt go down a treat, but this issue of Frankie is even more of a present. As well as all the usual Frankie brilliance, you get a bunch of rad extras like notepaper, postcards, gift tags and two calendars to tear out and make your wall look extra snazzy. It's like the present that keeps on giving. 

For the foodie: Bluebells Cakery: Sweet & Savoury by Karla Goodwin*-Bluebells Cakery is a very well-loved spot here in Auckland, more so now that they have two cakeries for people to enjoy. Karla's just released this new cookbook in time for Christmas. Combining some of their most-loved items and original new recipes from their sweet and savoury menus. As well as recipes for the amazing cakes Bluebells are known for, you'll also find tasty treats like lollipops containing edible flowers and even some brunch options. If they love cooking or making an abundance of sweet treats, they're bound to love this.

For the beauty lover: Pretty Honest by Sali Hughes-I feel like a lot of beauty books are more on the lacklustre side of things, but if there's one book that's the total opposite of that, it's this one. Packed with all the information you could ever want from a beauty book, as well as some no-nonsense advice, it's one book every beauty enthusiast needs in their life.

For the beauty, fashion and style icon: Love Style Life by Garance Dore*-Something that combines the best of all worlds is Garance Dore's book. Fashion, life, and beauty are just some of the topics in the mix. It's witty and brilliantly written. She'll devour every word of it.

For the well-read: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 150th Anniversary Puffin in Bloom Edition-This book is just beautiful and whether you're buying for an Alice fan, or a literature lover, this is such a gorgeous gift.  It's illustrated by Anna Bond of Rifle Paper Co so you know it's going to be stunning. It'd even be a lovely book to read with the younger people in your life too.

For the girl (or guy) who wants to rule the world: Rookie Yearbook Four-So maybe world domination is a bit extreme for Rookie but run with it guys. The fourth yearbook from Rookie recently launched and it's a good'un. This is the book you want to take away with you to the beach for some Summer reading poolside and some inspiration to see you through into 2016. There's even some rad, offline bonus content in there from the likes of Lorde, Florence Welch and more.

-What books would you gift someone for Christmas?

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