Goodbye 2015!

Oh 2015, where have you gone? You blissful, beautiful, many-splendored thing. It's been a really good year on many, many fronts but also a somewhat testing year. I stepped away from my studies until the end of September and I won't dwell on that much now, mainly because it is quite personal but it really changed a lot of how the year went, in good ways and bad. This year I also finally became licensed to drive alone and while I can't drive anyone without a full license yet, it's really the most liberating, amazing thing ever. One of my favourite things is driving in the countryside with the windows down and wildflower spotting. A month or so back I started doing the social media for a magazine store and I love it. Magazines are my passion and to get to be surrounded by them, their pages and ideas makes me one very happy human being. There was also a few adventures in the mix, with trips to Sydney and Wellington, the latter twice. An evening with Florence Welch happened too and she was mesmerising as always. I made new friends this year and this blog took a new direction with books coming more to the forefront. The lovely Kate Key designed me a pretty swish new blog logo too, and I'm still as smitten with it now as I was when I first saw it. So 2015, thank you for being decent and not diminishing my sense of optimism too much.

And of course here's to you dear readers. Thank you for continuing to be your amazing, wonderful selves and for always being so lovely to me, whether online or in person. Your kind words, emails and messages of positivity never fail to make my day. Here's to 2016. May it be full of adventures, good vibes and amazingness for us all xx.

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