The New Brow Game Changers

'Tis the season for strong brow games. Season might be a bit modest, it's been more of a year for brows. I've been trying some new brow products lately and I love them. It seemed about time that they received a bit of attention around these parts so here we have it...

L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper in Dark Brunette-I've tried a few brow mascaras now and this one has to be my favourite. This colour's dark but it doesn't add too much colour to your brows. It's really easy to dispense the colour through your brows and works well on its own or combined with a brow pencil to help set things in place. The one thing that lets this product down is there are only a blonde or brunette option available. What about the redheads and people who aren't blonde/have dark eyebrows? There is a transparent one too but still, there should be more options.

Smashbox Brow Tech Gloss Stick in Brunette*-Ignore the gloss part of this product's name for a second because you're not going to be left with shiny brows. I guess the gloss comes into it because the pencil is quite creamy as opposed to something more waxy. Anyway, this is a wind up brow pencil with a spoolie on the other end to comb through your eyebrows. It's super quick and easy to use and this colour leans more on the natural side of things. If you have dark brows like me, this is what you want. It's long-wearing as well and combined with the brow artist plumper you have a match made in eyebrow heaven.

-Have you tried either of these brow products before? If not, what are your go-to brow products? 

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