My Week in Pictures #14

It's Fri-yay! This week's been lovely, albeit busy so I'm looking forward to a much more chilled, quieter weekend ahead. As you're about to see, things have been looking rather festive around these parts lately. I'm sure Instagram may have gave that away somewhat as well. Anyway, here's what I've been snapping over the last week, when I've not been buried deep in Vlogmas videos...

(Above)-Some blue deliveries in the post. I still haven't tried the St Tropez gradual tanner but it's on the priority list. The Instax is...an experience. I seem to not have the greatest luck with this when it comes to taking pictures. If anyone knows how to master the art, holler. 

-Some of the lovely little bits 'n bobs that are tucked into the latest Frankie magazine. I love the writing paper and their mammoth yearly planner.

-Christmas presents all wrapped up for friends and family. I was quite stoked with how these looked, until I saw Zoe's post. I'm definitely going to be checking her blog out for inspiration next year.

-A little snapshot inside one of the magazines I was photographing at work. It's called Papier Mache and is absolutely beautiful. 

-Christmas macarons from Bluebells Cakery. How cute are these!? They tasted as good as they looked too.

*As always, have the most amazing weekend everybody. If you're out doing your Christmas shopping this weekend, good luck! You're braver than I am. I'm off to work today and maybe visiting Ben and Jerry's. It's a bit hard/rude to avoid it when it's right across the road. I'm having a festive day on Saturday with one of my friends and we're gonna go look at some Christmas lights. Fun times! See y'all on Monday with a new post.

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