My Week in Pictures #13

It's Friday, and three weeks exactly until Christmas. Yay! This week's been busy with a bit of errand running, working on part four of my course (fashion media, as awesome as it sounds) and even some Gilmore Girls marathoning. There's also been some snapping here and there too. I'm not doing Vlogmas, the idea of it stresses me out but I thought I'd try to capture as much as I can of Christmas+Summer holidays over the next few weeks in photos instead. Maybe I should rename this post, Picmas? Lame jokes aside, here's the week that was...

(Above)-Christmas decorations! These are just some of my personal ones which I'm splitting between my room and the tree, when we get one. 

-Some of my Instagram snaps that I printed this week using the Printicular app. If you're in NZ you can use this app and then collect your pictures from Warehouse Stationery. It's not too expensive, I got 20 photos for $8 and it's a much quicker way to print your photos than waiting for them to arrive from overseas. 

-December's page from the Rifle Paper Co. calendar and one of my star decorations. 

-A cosy New York bookstore from the Cereal New York guide. I hope they do more of these because they're pretty awesome.

-Some of my recent loves, although I had to stop using that mascara because I think I'm allergic to something in it. Props to that Katy Perry perfume though for smelling amazing.

-My two advent calendars. I'm enjoying the Benefit one, aside from its ability to burst into song at random times. I'll post a photo on my Facebook page of the first four days of treats.

*As always, have the raddest of weekends everyone! My weekend's looking busy. I potentially have to go to work tomorrow and then Sunday I'm off to the Auckland Fair with Emma so that'll be exciting. Don't forget to enter my giveaway if you haven't already! Scroll down to the post below this one for all the details. x

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