A Mini Beauty Haul

I seem to have acquired a few new beauty products recently; some repurchases, some beauty vices and just some other rather fabulous things. How does this happen? Treat yo'self 2017 or something like that? Anyway, if you're also excited by beauty, keep reading...

Birthday Balm Dotcom: Ahh Glossier, my vice. My utter favourite beauty vice. This is the latest addition to the Balm Dotcom lineup, in collaboration with Milk Bar. It smells like vanilla cake, delicious and is clear but has slight glitter reflects throughout. These multipurpose salves if you will can be used on your lips but I also like to throw them on my eyes for a bit of the glossy lid look without the thick, uncomfortable texture. 

Milky Jelly Cleanser: This is one of Glossier's hero products and I have heard mostly good things about it. Heck, Anna even cut hers open to get the last of it out and bought several backups. It's a lightweight, gel-like textured cleanser that is incredibly gentle and soothing. I've not used this yet but have tried my friend's and was impressed by it. If I end up loving it, this will not be the last time you hear about it.

Dusk Cloud Paint: Cloud Paints were all over the Golden Globes and Oscars red carpets I believe. It was around that time they launched anyway because I remember seeing some of my favourite starlets and muses, cough Alexa cough, having them used on their complexions. Lisa Eldridge is a fan too so if it's good enough for Lisa... I do not typically go for cream blush but these shades just look so lovely and easy to work with. I could not pass them up. Dusk, a nude-pink is right up my street. Again, if this is love in a painter's style tube, you will hear.

NARS True Story Cheek and Lip Palette, limited edition: This was part of the NARS Christmas 2016 collection featuring Sarah Moon's imagery that sadly isn't available anymore. One of my lovely friends is moving house soon and was having a clear-out of product she'd accumulated so I took this beauty. I am loving these blush colours at the moment and they're all shades I wear fairly regularly. My favourite is Outlaw, the far right. It's actually a permanent colour too which is great if it takes your fancy as well. 

MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly: During one of my ruthless culls, my MAC paint pots were looking worse for wear, i.e. expired. I've been without my ride or die eyeshadow base for months and have missed having a Paint Pot so badly. They just can't be beaten when it comes to priming the eyelids, creating a neutral canvas for whatever's layered on top and even for lazy, slapdash makeup days. I love this colour and won't ever be without one again now.

Simple Kind To Eyes, Eye Makeup Remover Pads: I usually always have some kind of eye makeup remover pads in my bag. It sounds bizarre but they're perfect if you're like me and love to swatch products when you're out beauty browsing and shopping. Or you're like me and forget moments before an interview that there's a bright coral-red lipstick on your hand. Anyway, I grabbed these in Farmers on Friday and they were on special (thank goodness) because full price I think they're a bit expensive for what they are. $10 for reference. Anyway, I like them, they feel incredibly gentle on hands and eyes plus they're a lot friendlier on the ingredient front.

-Have you purchased any new beauty odds and ends recently?

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