My Sanity Shelf

Sanity Shelf: Dedicated to the books one returns to again and again to read for pleasure, knowledge and solace. A term coined by one of the friends of girlsatlibrary. Maybe the idea of a sanity shelf only falls to those who read a lot and like to drift off the pages of one book into another. I'm so not speaking for myself here *ahem, serial reader, ahem*. Today I thought I'd share what books would be on my literal sanity shelf, if I had one. Maybe when I eventually get the Ikea bookcase of dreams, that will be a reality. Anyway, sanity shelf contents incoming...

Matilda by Roald Dahl: A childhood classic. The bookish heroine needs no introduction I am sure. There's something comforting in the darkness that is Dahl literature. In the case of Matilda, I think it's the fact we see her overcome the authority figures who plague her life and find true happiness with Miss Honey at the conclusion. It's naughty, it's funny but it's packed full with valuable anecdotes too. I will always have a soft spot for this book. 

Tim Walker Pictures, The New Garconne and The Coveteur: I've grouped these together because they all serve a similar purpose. Sometimes when you're wanting a book to reread and escape to, one laden with visuals will do just the trick. There's something about the inspiring, stunning imagery in this books that to my mind is relaxing. No matter how many times I revisit them, I always discover something new. 

Pretty Honest and Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes: Sali's writing is just wondrous to read. She's the kind of person that can write about the most mundane aspects of beauty and make them sound magical. I took Pretty Honest with me last year on my trip to Melbourne and loved coming back at the end of a long day to immerse myself in a whole lot of beauty knowledge. Pretty Iconic is equally as brilliant and is such a nostalgic book for any true beauty enthusiast. They're both stunningly presented as well. 

Inside Vogue by Alexandra Shulman: So I've read this book twice and counting. Maybe it's the formulaic aspect of diary writing that appeals to me here. Then again, I'm such an admirer of Shulman and all she achieved at Vogue so that's probably the main drawcard here. Either way, I find it's a book that can raise my mood, give me some escapism. It's the perfect blend of frankness, funny quips and fashion. 

Where Am I Now? by Mara Wilson: Like Sali, Mara has such a way with words that just makes me so happy. I sound so articulate right now but that's the best way to put it really. Her essays about life, child stardom, the original Glee and more are just brilliant. I recommend this book to a lot of people for good reason. It's fabulous. Her audiobook is worth the listen too, if you're more inclined to read that way.

-What would make up the contents of your sanity shelf?

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