July in Pictures

July has almost been and gone. It's been busy, ever changing and quite the ride if I am honest. I got swept up in something and taken advantage of for one. I won't go into huge detail but let's just say I am grateful it wasn't as bad as it could've been. Nonetheless it left me feeling inadequate and questioning my passions which is never a nice feeling. On the other side of things, I earned myself a full time job. I'd been searching and interviewing for a good three months but it finally happened. Then naturally I got callbacks for additional interviews afterwards. Such is life. I'm slowly getting used to the daily, Monday-Friday grind. Unsurprisingly, coffee is my new best friend. I'm also trying to put some ideas into motion behind the scenes, which I won't say anything about because I don't like to talk about things before they actually happen, are 'legit' or however you want to look at it. I feel like this post is heading toward analytical, life essay territory when really it's meant to be showcasing photos I snapped this month. Some are outtakes, some are just random pictures that didn't really belong anywhere else on the blog. Enjoy!

*July started with a weekend escape to Rotorua. It was freezing, wet and bleak outside as you can see. I was also mentally exhausted so I really just wanted to sleep and not do an awful lot. A lot of Lisa Eldridge video watching and reading happened though which I'm not going to complain about.

*What was in my weekend beauty bag. Not pictured, NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation. I think I mostly just wore concealer though which is what I've been doing a lot recently, since starting work and realising one of my bases is making me break out. I think it is anyway. 

*Behind the scenes of a blog post, this one to be exact. I don't have a special setup for photos. It's mainly just rotating backgrounds, props etc on the top of my bedside table. Which seriously needs a clean. Whoops! 

*I am seriously loving this British born title at the moment. Oh Comely features such wonderful content and I love how each issue is themed which always keeps things fresh and exciting. You can read more of thoughts on it here.

-Have great weekends everybody! I will be back Monday with my July Favourites post and then it's on to August's blog content. x

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