The Beauty Files, Vol. Four

Aloha, happy Monday and welcome to another installment of The Beauty Files. This month we have a few beauty gems; Lisa Eldridge and Alexa Chung made me do it, some rediscovered products, a collection I'm really quite excited for and of course a product that has me a bit perplexed. 

Something(s) New: This month I got a new job, more on that later in the week, and to celebrate I treated myself to a couple of new beauty bits from Cult Beauty. First up I finally grabbed one of the Jade Facial Rollers by Yu Ling. This was absolutely, one hundred percent inspired after watching this Lisa Eldridge video. Designed for facial massage, the healing properties of jade are said to be transformative to the skin. I will keep you updated once I've had a chance to use this properly. Also from Cult Beauty I grabbed another of Charlotte Tilbury's matte revolution lipsticks. This time in the shade Pillow Talk. Inspired by her loved liner of the same name, this lipstick is stunning. I also think the matte revolutions are easily some of the nicest matte lipsticks to wear. Not drying, long lasting and gorgeous, even colour payoff. Pillow Talk is a pinky nude that is a favourite among the red carpet lovers. Alexa wore it to the Met Gala and that sold it for me. If it's good enough for Ms Chung... I've only worn this once, it arrived on Friday but I loved it and know it'll become a fast favourite.

Something(s) Rediscovered: MAC Prep+Prime Fix Plus Spray. This mini size is in the limited edition coconut scent that was rereleased earlier in the year, as part of a collection I have completely blanked on the name of. I think it was possibly workout/eighties inspired. Anyway, I'm not sure if the formulation of this has been tweaked slightly but the mist certainly seems to be finer and less..tacky for lack of a better word. Maybe nothing's changed but I am loving it as a setting spray again. The coconut scent helps too. I am also re-loving Roller Lash by Benefit. I was never a fan of They're Real but I have a lot of time for this one. Lengthening, curling and just straight up lash magic. I think the real magic is in the brush more than anything but whatever it is, it works. My only gripe is it seems to smudge a little on me now so if you're prone to mascara smudging, be careful. 

Something Unconvincing: I feel like this product will excite a few people but I'm not totally wowed by it. Maybelline's Brow Tattoo* is a peel off, temporary brow tint enriched with a host of nourishing ingredients and of course temporary colour. For context I naturally have dark eyebrows so tint in them is perhaps not going to show up as effectively. I've used this a couple of times and felt like it really did nothing in the way of colour. I wasn't expecting dramatic results and I'm well aware my brows are already pretty pigmented on their own but I was disappointed by this and feel like it may potentially be a bit gimmicky. Not sold sorry Maybelline. I'll stick to my pencils and pomades for now.

Something Lustworthy: The Lancome x Olympia Le Tan collaboration looks incredibly dreamy. Case in point. There are also lipsticks, shaped like lips. I cannot deal with this level of whimsy and pinkness. I'm trying to not get too excited in case NZ misses out on this collection. We didn't get the Sonia Rykiel one last year, much to my dismay but my bank account's delight. I will keep you posted if I find out any more information about this collaboration.

-What beauty bits 'n bobs have you been loving lately?

*PR Sample

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