Things I Want To Read, Watch & Do: Summer '17

As the last working week for many of us in '17 begins, the thought of a holiday and relaxation feels like a dot on the horizon still. When it arrives though I will probably literally shout "yass". One because I am that uncool and two because I am so ready to catch up on sleep and do very little. That being said, while I have some time off, there are things I want to read, watch and do. Hence the incredibly obvious blog post title. For any of you curious peeps, keep reading...


-Little Women x Louisa May Alcott: I was adamant I'd read something festive this month and it is happening. Little Women is so comforting and beautifully written and I love it. You can see how massive the book is in this picture and I think it's testament to how much I enjoy it that I am willing to cart it across the city and back each day from work. 

-The Mother Of All Questions x Rebecca Solnit*: After hearing Kiran's stellar review of this title on National Radio, it moved up my priority reading list. That and I really enjoyed Men Explain Things To Me earlier in the year. It's slim and compact so I should be able to easily get through it on my break. 

-Winter x Ali Smith*: Another perhaps more festive read. Can you tell I am trying to get more Christmassy? I even found myself listening to Christmas music at work today. I know. This is the second volume in Smith's seasonal quartet and if it is anything like Autumn, I am sure I will love it.

-No Man's Land, Issue One x The Wing: Not sure how I have only recently stumbled upon The Wing but my goodness is it great. Their inaugural issue is packed full of inspiring content, women and even stickers which you can bet I was excited by. I will do a proper writeup on this in the New Year when I have had time to read it properly. 


-The Crown, Season Two: Yes, I am mentioning this show again and I am not even sorry. Right now I have three episodes left. As the show is so detail-oriented though I am definitely going to need a rewatch. You all know how much I love this show. I don't need to say much else.

-The Holiday: The fact I haven't seen this film seems to have horrified a reasonable portion of my Twitter followers. I don't know an awful lot about it but I know it's a popular Christmas film for a lot of people. It stars Jude Law so hey, I definitely need to get watching asap. 

-Breathe: A film that's on my to-watch list when it's released along with The Post and Lady Bird. Based on a true story and starring Claire Foy+Andrew Garfield, it sounds and looks brilliant. If not perhaps a bit of a tear-jerker. 


-Yayoi Kasama Obliteration Room: I've loved Yayoi Kasama's work for a while now and it really excites me that her Obliteration Room is finally in Auckland. It's at the Auckland Art Gallery and as someone who loves dots, stickers and the idea of endless colour, this is top of my to-do list. 

-Sculptures at the Gardens: Each Summer, Auckland's Botanical Gardens plays host to a series of sculptures by artists. They're usually very quirky, sometimes interactive and just awesome to see whilst wandering among some flora and fauna. Bonus-the Botanical Gardens are dog friendly so I can get a walk in with my doggo too. 

-Sleep: My sleep patterns have been so inconsistent and all over the show lately. I am seriously looking forward to two weeks off. If only so I can attempt to rediscover what sleep ins are and go to bed at reasonable hours. Plus lie ins are the best and I miss them. Let's be honest.

-What are you doing over the Christmas break?

*Review Copy

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