Giftmas #4: The Under $20 Edit

This gift guide is for those of you on a budget, those of you who maybe have Secret Santa limits or those who just like to grab affordable gems to gift at Christmas. Side note: friends and family, please do not look at this post because it will act as a giveaway for some of you as to what you are getting. Spoilers out of the way. This one is a mix of cute little knick knacks, some useful bits and some things to unwind with over the holiday period. Enjoy!

*Daily Notes Pad x Kikki K: I've actually grabbed this for someone I know who is a hella busy person. These kind of notepads are useful to have on your desk if you have important things to remember or just need to quickly jot something down. Not to mention it's blush pink, gold and speckled so it's ticking all the aesthetic boxes too. 

*Pocket Pop Vinyl x Funko Pop: This is part of my gift for my #NZSecretSanta over on Twitter. I just think it's so cute and I'm not going to lie, if they had a Joyce Byers one I would've grabbed it for myself too. They're currently on special at EB Games so head there to nab one. I've seen Game of Thrones and Harry Potter themed ones as well so if they take their fancy more, there's always those options. 

Minis* x The Body Shop: These have been mentioned in a previous gift guide but it's worth mentioning them again. Pictured above are the mini shower gels and the Christmas shaped soaps, in the vanilla and frosted plum scents. Again, a great Secret Santa option or a perfect gift for the jet setters in your life. I've gifted the mini shower gels and hand creams before and they have always gone down a treat. There aren't many people who can resist a good mini. 

*Harry Styles Stickers x bestieclub: I have to give props to one of my Twitter+uni pals for bringing these to my attention. They're also part of my #NZSecretSanta's gift and again I think they're just something a bit different and fun. This NZ Etsy store also have a range of other celebs to choose from so I recommend having a nosy at the shop. Also, Harry Styles in flower crowns? YASS PLZ. 

*Dark Chocolate, Meringue & Raspberry Candle x Ecoya: Another gift, this time for a candle loving pal of mine who I sincerely hope is not reading this. How divine is this candle? It smells like a decadent chocolate mousse and yes, it probably isn't the most Christmassy of scents but if they're not a fan of the more pine-y, natural scents, this might be the ticket. Also these are pretty dang reasonably priced and the scent pull+lasting time isn't half bad. 

*Celestial Earrings x Lovisa: I had to include these because I wear mine all the time and always get asked about them. I have a feeling they might be a tad over 20 dollars, not by much mind. Earrings are such a great option too; I rate Lovisa's and Trade Aid's for things under $20 but Etsy is worth a peruse as well. 

Santa Baby Lip Tint* x Lush: This cola scented, redder than red tint is back for another Christmas. Lush also have some other colours available. My friend E has a light, peachy pink one and loves it. I also rate Lush's lip scrub (Sugar Plum Fairy is the BEST) and their potted lip balms. So delish. So good.

*Christmas Decorations: Ok because I fancy myself as Martha Stewart or something, I'm actually decking out most of my presents with some paper decorations from Kikki K that I grabbed in last year's sale. You've probably seen them on my Instagram, white with gold stars. Anyway, I also think Christmas ornaments can be a fun, sentimental gift. They're relatively inexpensive and can be tailored to people's interests, colours and decor preferences. I've grabbed one for my work Secret Santa this year from Smith & Caughey's. Bed, Bath & Table have some great options too.

*Christmas Movies: Tbh I think everyone should watch Love Actually so this is really a selfish recommendation but *insert sass emoji here*. This inclusion is probably a bit of a gamble but I guess it could be something fun if you're a bit stumped for Secret Santa. I also think Elf is great too. Plus the soundtrack is so good.

*Magazines (or five): Pinching this recommendation from Liv but if they're a magazine maven then I don't think you can go wrong with a stack of magazines. Or one. Or however many you feel need purchasing. I recommend the Frankie 'Christmas' issue, not actually Christmas themed but usually crammed with a bunch of awesome extras. Like those Girflriend Summer Specials but way way way better. I also rate Sunday Girl, Oh Comely, Kinfolk, Violet Book, British Vogue. I could be here all day....

-How is your gift shopping going?

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