17 Good Things About 2017

Ah 2017. How does one neatly summarise the year that was into a short, condensed paragraph of ideas? I feel like it's near impossible actually. The year ran the whole cycle in terms of events and actual goings on. As I said to someone the other day, I feel like 2016 was the trial run preparing us for 2017. 2018 will be the year. That optimism could be incredibly misguided, I am no prophet after all but in this moment it is something I genuinely believe. A couple of weeks ago on Twitter a thread was going around where for every 'like' you received, you shared one positive statement about 2017. I think I got over twenty likes in the end which is not loads but enough for me to see the jewels that made up for the less than brilliant moments of 2017. So without further ado here are seventeen things that were good in 2017...

* I saw Adele and Stevie Nicks, live. Adele and Stevie Nicks. I have a mental list of artists, whether that be music, literary, even theatre that I want to see live and revel in their talent. Getting to see both these amazing, gifted lyricists and women doing their thing, slaying obvs feels incredibly special. More so given Adele seems uncertain as to whether she will tour on the scale she did ever again. If you ever get the opportunity to spend time in the presence of the artists you admire, do it. 

* Got my full license. This was a long, long time coming, given I didn't get my learner license until I was 20. It took me several attempts to pass my restricted license and that knocked my confidence back a bit so the year and a half between that and my full was the best for it. There's no silly additional rules with full license life too. The best. 

* Made new friends. Self explanatory. 

* Prioritised self care and took positive steps to take care of myself. This is a major deal for me as I always viewed asking for help in this regard as a sign of weakness. A fact I now find ludicrous the longer I sit and puzzle over it. Anyway, forever grateful to my confidante.

* Started a new job! The struggle and persistance in this area really paid off. 

* Created my Women & Their Books series. A spontaneous idea that literally came to me one morning on the train in the midst of reading or writing something unrelated. I plan on giving my corner of the Internet a refresh in 2018 and this ties in with that nicely. January's interviewee is a good'un and I hope to grow this series in 2018. 

* Wrote a lot. Mainly offline. Oftentimes for myself but it has left me inspired and ready to work towards some personal goals. 

* Finding new coffee spots in Auckland. My favourites are eightthirty and Depot on Federal St. 

* Being tweeted at by JK Rowling and pretty much every time Alexa Chung liked or retweeted me. Yes that's not a humble brag. I'm not even sorry. 

* Discovering the greatness that is Will and Grace. Karen Walker fangirl for life.

* Housesat for one of my friends and had a room up in their roof. Every morning felt like I was waking up in the trees. 

* Dealt with some major life adjustments and came out the other side. Pardon the frankness but if I can handle 2017, I can handle anything. 

* Walks and banter with my work baes. Often accompanied by coffee. The best. 

* Jacinda Ardern became New Zealand's Prime Minister. Such a good thing. 

* Worked to persuade people to watch The Crown. Mostly succeeded. 

* Unity Books and Time Out. I love my independent bookstores. 

* Finally finding a hairdresser that can deal with my thick, crazy hair. And can colour it well. And is an awesome lady. Shout out to Danni at Dry and Tea. You are the best.

-What did you love in 2017?

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