Things I Watched & Liked In 2017

Subtitle, some things I watched and liked. If I listed them all, we'd be here all day. So I'm feelin' reflective and retrospective-y now that 2017 is on its way out of here. I also know how good the holidays are for unwinding and doing very little, which can often mean a good old binge session. Mornings curled up with coffee and lazing around in your pyjamas whilst watching a film or TV series? Yes please...

Stranger Things: It took me a bit longer than everyone else to watch this because truth be told, I was scared. The thing is, it's really not that scary. The dramatic tension and anxiety is really the only side effect to this program. That and perhaps emotional investment in the characters. Ahem, Justice for Barb and the idea that Joyce and Will Byers have a nice year. If you're yet to discover this Netflix series, get onto it. It's your classic, eighties ET/Stephen King tribute among other things and it is brilliant. 

Franca-Chaos & Creation: Another Netflix gem. I'm not sponsored by Netflix just for disclosure. I wish. Anyway, this documentary, directed+produced by Sozzani's son is a candid, intimate insight into the legendary mind and genius of Franca Sozzani. She was the editor of Vogue Italia until her passing and was a major game changer in the world of fashion magazines. She wasn't afraid to start a conversation and made her magazine so much more than just a collection of pretty pictures. Well worth the watch. 

Will and Grace: Bit late to the party here, whoops but I am on the WAG bandwagon and am loving it. The only highlight of a weekend I spent bed bound was the all-day WAG marathon on TV. Karen Walker is my (sorta) spirit animal and the hilarity and brilliance of this whole show never fails to make my day. Honestly I can be having the worst day and WAG can just magically remedy that for twenty minutes. Or more because let's be honest, I tend to often watch more than one episode at a time.

Beauty and the Beast: The remake, obvs. I haven't been living under a rock and missed the nineties incarnation. Disney did the live-action version so much justice. The attention to detail and of course the casting was all magic. I actually had the cast recording in my car's stereo for a good while. In other words, many a dramatic car singalong happened. No shame. 

La La Land: Another soundtrack that had a good whirl and a freakin' beautiful film. Cinematically and of course the combination of Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. I loved how this movie paid homage to the classic Hollywood musicals and was essentially a love-letter to creatives and 'fools who dream' everywhere. Plus, Ryan Gosling playing the piano. Yes. 

The People vs OJ Simpson: Oh wow, this show. I was riveted and fascinated and totally hooked. I'm not usually into crime related shows at all but I found this incredibly interesting. I think the fact it looks at the major role the media and power of celebrity can play was what really drew me in. That and the OJ Simpson case itself really foreshadowed a lot of what we see in the media now. In fact at times I was really mind blown at what was already happening with the treatment of celebrities twenty or so years back. I feel like that was quite a nerdy analysis but seriously. Really brilliant drama. Watch.

Thirteen Reasons Why: What an important program. So important and I really hope the negativity and skepticism surrounding it hasn't clouded anyone's judgement. The story of Hannah Baker, a teenaged girl who commits suicide and leaves behind a series of cassette tapes, documenting the reasons why is confronting and at times difficult to watch. Again though it really got the discussion around mental health going and I'm sure will have encouraged some people to make positive changes to their lives for the better. A second series is in the works, following on from where the book leaves off so it will be interesting to see how the aftermath of her passing continues to unfold and how it affects the community she leaves behind. 

-What have you watched and liked in 2017?

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