Summer Beauty Must-Haves

I'll be honest, the only real time I make somewhat of an effort with makeup in Summer is when I go to work. Even then I don't always do a full face of makeup daily. There are some budge-proof, foolproof and MVP's of my makeup stash that I reach for though. I've also included some miscellaneous beauty things that have become my ride or dies this Summer...

This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray & Breathe In, limited edition size: These minis were part of a trio released at Christmas time. So naturally I took them away when I was housesitting and staying with family but I actually use them all the time. The humidity makes it more of a struggle to sleep in Summer and these are a godsend. It could just be a very crafty placebo effect, but spritzing this spray and applying the rollerball to pulse points always seems to instate a sense of zen and calm. Both things I need a lot of. 

Colourpop Take Me Home Palette: You might hear about this again later in the month. Ahem, most definitely will. I love this slimline, compact palette. Mattes, shimmers, high pigment, long-lasting. I love 'em. If I've been wearing eyeshadow at all lately, it's been this palette almost exclusively. 

MAC Fix+ Coconut Spray, mini size limited edition: This mini was released as part of the Work It Out collection last year. That name's possibly wrong. I think it was geared towards people who glam for the gym aka not me. Anyway, this is my go-to setting spray and I love it. I don't know if the formulation has changed but I'm not a fan of sticky, heavy face sprays. This one is a fine mist which lightly sets down your makeup and adds a touch of glow as well. At the moment MAC have it available, as well as the lavender and rose versions. I'm not sure if it's limited but I may have to go back and grab the full size.

NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation: I can't remember exactly why I stopped using this foundation because I love it. As the name would suggest, it is long lasting and provides medium coverage. It blends like a dream and the finish is more satin-y. Although I always set it with powder anyway, especially at this time of year. I'm curious to see what the new NARS foundation is like, although I suspect it will be too glowy for me. 

Byredo Mojave Ghost EDP: A luxe love but a good'un. I describe this as a fancier version of Daisy x Marc Jacobs and I won't riddle you with my questionable perfume review skills. Go have a nosy at the Mecca Cosmetica description. Just know I love it and it's one of the few perfumes that don't evaporate from my skin in Summertime. 

Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray*: An oldie but a goodie. I seem to have accumulated a few of these. The mini size lives on my desk at work and is a lifesaver on the really hot days. Ok, every day just about. I'm sure some people will say this is just glorified water in a can. Perhaps it is. I don't care, it's refreshing and it makes such a difference. Sprays like this are great when you step out of the shower too. 

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer: I give this quite a workout in Summer. It's such a flattering bronzer for paler people, I have the shade Luminous Bronze Light. A little goes a long way with this so I just sweep a blush brush in the compact and apply the slightest amount. I'm actually hoping to try a new (ish) bronzing product soon so stay tuned. This one though is my Summer bff. 

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipstick: Pillow Talk is such a brilliant lipstick. Yes it does make me think of a certain Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid video on every application. For a matte, it's super creamy and long lasting. I barely need to reapply this yet despite that it doesn't feel drying in the slightest. It sells out quite regularly and I can easily see why. 

NARS The Veil Cheek Palette, limited edition: There's probably not much point saying a lot about this, seeing as it was from the Man Ray collection that is no longer available. It's a dreamy combination of NARS blush, bronzer and highlighter though and I love the colours. They can be a tad intense if you aren't careful but I like that if you're using a finer brush, you can build them up to the intensity you are after. 

-What are your Summer beauty must haves?

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