Five Things: January

Happy New Year! It feels bizarre typing that in 2017 but as you read this, we will be three days into 2018. Five Things took a bit of a break towards the end of last year. By break I mean I forgot about it but don't fret. It is back. We have some interactive art, a mini lipstick I'm smitten with and more...

Obliterate Me: I'm sure if you're on Instagram, you will have seen many an image inside Yayoi Kusama's incredible art installations. From the array of lights through to the obliteration room. It's currently in Auckland, until April and I paid it a visit at the end of last month and it is wondrous. An array of colour for days and the chance to be a part of the exhibit yourself. Armed with a sheet of coloured dots, you are encouraged to go about the installation and place them wherever you choose. As it's still relatively new to Auckland, there's a fair bit of white space but by April it will be a sea of neverending colour. Well worth a visit. 

Velvet Teddy: MAC have recently released a selection of their lipsticks in the Sized 2 Go range. Can I get an amen? So I grabbed one for my recent giveaway and picked up Velvet Teddy for myself. It's one of those colours I've always wanted to try but wasn't sure it'd suit me. Spoiler alert: It does, unless I'm being deceived. Such a gorgeous nude shade. It looks stunning with a hint of gloss too and is so easy to wear. Believe the hype.

Little Women: Given the mammoth size of this book, seven hundred pages(!!), I'll be lost in its pages for a while yet. Somehow this story slipped past me when I was a kid, as did the brilliant 1994 movie adaptation. Side note: Worth a watch: bb Winona Ryder, Kirsten Dunst, Claire Danes and Christian Bale. Anyway, I love this story. It's heartwarming and wonderful and such a comforting book to immerse yourself in. 

Stationery Sales: My stationery ride or die, better known as Kikki K have their epic, end of year sale going. It's always a good time, let's be honest. I loaded up on cards when I went in on Boxing Day so I am set for birthdays, random acts of kindness and just because scenarios in 2018. They also have a bunch of their beautiful notebooks, journals and Christmas gifts among other things there too. Go on, treat yo'self. 

The New Vogue: British Vogue had a changing of the editorial guard in 2017, with Edward Enninful now at the helm of this beloved title. Two issues in and it's looking good. Different to what we expect of Vogue but good nonetheless. Standout for me so far have been interviews with the likes of Kristen Scott Thomas, amazing beauty editorials and a feature with British designers about what their upbringing meant to them and how it influenced their careers in fashion. I'm looking forward to seeing how the magazine evolves in the new year.

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